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Talks planned - JFF, PLCA, PFAJ to meet on professionalising local football

Published:Tuesday | May 8, 2018 | 12:00 AMAkino Ming/Staff Reporter
Waterhouse’s Kemar Beckford (front) and Portmore United captain Ewan Grandison tussle for the ball during the final of the Red Stripe Premier League, Jamaica’s top-flight football competition, on Monday, April 23.

President of the Jamaica Football Federation, Michael Ricketts, says that he will meet with the heads of the Premier League Clubs Association (PLCA) and Professional Football Association of Jamaica (PFAJ) to discuss the organisational structure of Jamaica's top-flight competition

After a meeting with representatives from CONCACAF, a rearrangement was recommended in order to professionalise Jamaica's football.

However, Edward Seaga, the chairman of the PLCA, believes that a good way of doing this is to retire the functions of the PFAJ to the PLCA, because the PFAJ relies on the PLCA for funding.

But, Don Anderson, the president of the PFAJ, refutes Seaga's claim, stating that the PLCA was granted the responsibility of marketing the league and does not fund the PFAJ.


Seeking path forward


Ricketts told The Gleaner that he will sit down with both men and other stakeholders in the coming weeks to establish a path forward.

"I will have a discussion with Mr Seaga, and I will have a discussion with Mr Don Anderson, and the board of directors will have the final say," Ricketts promised.

"We will see what they have in mind and see how we can come together in the interest of growing football."

CONCACAF made the recommendation during a meeting with local football stakeholders, where a possible conflict of interest in the present structure was highlighted, given that the board of the Professional Football Association of Jamaica , which currently runs the league, is made up of four members from the Jamaica Football Federation and three from the Premier League Clubs Association.

"They are thinking that we could have one entity too many. They are saying that we may not need the PFAJ and PLCA. Right now the PLCA is responsible for marketing the league and bringing some representation from the clubs, whereas the PFAJ has the overall responsibility of running the league," Ricketts explained.

"I must say that the PLCA has done a great job at marketing the league. So we all want to come together for the interest of the football."