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Jermaine to undergo surgery in the US today

Published:Thursday | June 2, 2016 | 12:00 AMOkoye Henry
Jermaine Barrett

Neurosurgeons in New York have pinpointed the exact location of the fast-growing tumour inside the head of Jermaine Barrett, the 26-year-old resident of Flanker, St James, who left the island more than a week ago to undergo surgery after his tear-jerking story attracted significant local and international support.

The former chef is being prepared to undergo his first major surgery to rid himself of the cancerous lump, which he has been living with since last year.

"Everything that has to be done in preparation for his surgery has been done," said Shena Carty of the Jamaican Madhouse team, which was instrumental in raising funds to facilitate Jermaine's travel to the United States and the impending surgery.

"The procedure he did this morning (last Tuesday) was the last of any preparations necessary for his surgery," said Carty. "They first mentioned Friday for the surgery, but, since, I've also heard next Tuesday (today) or Wednesday, so we are waiting."


Barrett in high spirits


It would appear that Barrett is in high spirits as he realises he will finally be getting medical assistance which he is confident will help him to return to a normal and productive life once the tumour is removed.

"He's in better spirits. An infection he had is under control and now he has regained his appetites, so this is a huge step in the right direction," Carty told The Gleaner.

However, while Barrett is looking forward to the surgical procedure with much optimism, his mother, Monica Carroll, cannot help but feel worried. She is constantly praying her only son will come out of the surgery all right.

"Right now, it hard for me. Everywhere a hurt me because me a fret, but I just have to pray and continue have hope," said Carroll, who wants nothing more than to see her son back in Jamaica in good health.

Barrett arrived in New York on Sunday, May 22, and had his first doctor's visit the following morning. It is understood that after he was examined, a decision was taken to have four surgeons perform the surgery - an ear, nose and throat specialist, a neurologist, an ophthalmologist and a plastic surgeon.

However, on Tuesday, May 24, Barrett developed a problem when his right eye began to drain profusely due to an infection. It also became swollen, with red and dark circles appearing around his eye.

Barrett was taken to the doctor, where it was discovered that his head had an abnormally high temperature. He was given antibiotics and other medication to remedy the situation.