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Messing with Wayne Marshall's heart

Published:Saturday | July 10, 2010 | 12:00 AM
Wayne Marshall and the Gully Gadd, Mavado, chat during a break while shooting 'Messing With My Heart'.
Wayne Marshall, producer Baby G (centre) and Mavado strikes a pose for our Gleaner lens.
Wayne Marshall awaits directions while the crew preps for the shot.

Garfene Grandison, Gleaner Writer

Wayne Marshall is set to launch the video for his increasingly popular single Messing With My Heart with a scorching hot four-minute feature that tells the story of the tune.

The video premiered on local TV last night, and Marshall said not since he did Marshall Town, his first chart-topping single, has he been as excited about a song.

The song sits sweetly on a Baby G-produced rhythm and tells a story Marshall contends is "a realistic situation which people can relate to".

"I went down to Jammy's studio, which incidentally is the first place I ever recorded, and the riddim was just bouncing in the studio. I jumped out with the first line and loved it, so I ran with it, and then developed the idea from there," said Marshall.

"I wanted to create a story which people would hear, connect with and think was real," he said.

Fast-forward through a freestyling session and Marshall's Messing With My Heart was penned and ready to record a day later.

Producer Baby G, the son of famous producer, King Jammy, said the rhythm and the song were made for each other.

According to Baby G, the rhythm was made in New York when he was "just vibing with some friends", but knew instantly that its beat and idea would make a perfect base for a wicked song.

"Every time I work with Wayne Marshall ... something spectacular happens. We have a bond that supersedes our work in music because we are real-life friends, and so our synergy when we come together to work is just mind-blowing," he said.

Real-life reference

Marshall laughed at the fact that the song had become so real to audiences that persons have asked if he and wife, Tami Chynn, were going through a rough patch.

"The lines between music and reality are blurred sometimes but as an artiste, you draw inspiration from anywhere and everywhere. Everybody can rest assured the song isn't about me and Tami," Marshall laughed.

He took the song to friend and director Storm Salter, who is on the brink of releasing his first feature film, to turn Messing With My Heart into an epic video, which Salter has done.

"I wanted to create something that really made the song come alive and not leave people cheated. I realised that it would take more than just a regular video to do that, and we went to Storm because he has experience in making great short films and we know each other well and we feed off each other's creative energies very easily," Marshall said.

"I can't tell you too much, but just the way it was shot sets the stage for what is a hot video. It's almost like you're looking at everything unveil from the perspective of a fly on the wall."

Both Marshall and Baby G are optimistic about the song, which was officially released on iTunes on July 6.

"Good producers produce good music, and it is heart-warming to know that this song is getting such a good vibe because it isn't what's stereotypically enjoyed or expected from dancehall music," said Baby G.