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Warrior King turns to love

Published:Monday | September 27, 2010 | 12:00 AM
Warrior King

Howard Campbell, Gleaner Writer

It has been almost 10 years since singer Warrior King made a musical statement with the chart-topping song, Virtuous Woman. He survived the one-hit wonder tag through a strong follow-up, Never Go Where Pagans Go, but after a sustained lull is eyeing a return to local airwaves.

Love Is In The Air is the title of Warrior King's latest album which was recently released on iTunes along with its lead single, Wanna Give You Love. His previous album, Hold The Faith, was released in 2005 but the diminutive vocalist has kept busy by performing in the United States and Europe.

Last week, Warrior King spoke about the importance of having a hit song, especially in Jamaica.

"Yasso a like the hub, yuh nuh. Everybody in reggae follow what happening in Jamaica," said the burly Rastafarian while cooling out at the St Andrew offices of the Stone Love sound system.

Good management, he added, is just as critical.

"If yuh don't have the right structure 'round yuh, no matter how talented yuh are, people not going to know what's going on," Warrior King said.

Imhotep C Records, based in Manchester, has been guiding Warrior King's career since early this year. They immediately began work on his latest album which is considerably more romantic than his earlier efforts.

"Is a love album, I just went with what I was feeling at the time. Plus, it's what the world needs right now," he explained.

Warrior King makes his production debut with the song, Wanting Love. Colin 'Bulby' Yorke and veteran roots singer Max Romeo also produced songs for Love Is In The Air which is expected to be released on compact disc in early 2011.

Born Mark Dyer in Sanguinetti, Clarendon, Warrior King was a mechanical engineering student at the National Tool and Engineering Institute when he hit pay dirt with Virtuous Woman, a catchy song on the revived Zion Gate beat.

Big hits

Produced by Michael Johnson, Virtuous Woman was his first release. It was one of the most popular reggae songs in Jamaica in 2001.

Never Go Where Pagans Go, produced by Sheldon 'Calibud' Stewart was another big hit. Both songs were included on Warrior King's debut album, Virtuous Woman, released by VP Records in 2002.

Hold That Faith was not as successful, though it produced a sizeable hit in the Bobby Digital-produced Can't Get Me Down.

Warrior King and his management are gearing up for the promotion of Love Is In The Air. They have dates lined up for Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town, South Africa next month, with a month-long tour of the United States scheduled to start in November.