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Pulse model charts new course

Published:Thursday | October 7, 2010 | 12:00 AM
A scene from 'Better Mus' Come' where Kemala, played by Pulse's Nicole Grey, stares out from the window of an inner-city home. Contributed
Nicole Grey plays Kemala in 'Better Mus' Come'. - Contributed

Pulse's Nicole Grey is set to make her debut this evening as the lead actress in the new Jamaican film Better Mus' Come.

According to the modelling agency, Grey's participation in the film is cause for celebration.

"This hard-working, beautiful and talented young woman has stayed the course in the process developing successful careers in international modelling, music and film," said a release from Pulse.

Grey has been making strides outside of the modelling industry where she came to fame, as she has also, this year, released a new music single.

Executives from Pulse, including the chairman, Kingsley Cooper, and general manager, Romae Gordon, along with other Pulse officials and models, will be in attendance at a private showing of Better Mus' Come, which takes place at 7 p.m.

"I am very lucky to have got the role," said Grey, who had to convince the producer Paul Bucknor and director Storm Saulter that she was the perfect pick for the part. So determined was she to be in the film that all the parties were at Pulse the day after she had met with the director to finalise the contract.

According to Grey, "I could easily identify with Kemala (the character whom she plays in the film). She resembles my aunt's life so vividly and also mine to an extent - the country girl, coming to town and trying to make life in spite of the challenges of the times."

Nicole's career in the arts and entertainment began when she entered Pulse's Caribbean Model Search in 2002.


A fierce competitor, she earned a top-five place among the elite set in a year which featured winners and Pulse icons Nell Robinson and Jaunel McKenzie. Undaunted by what may be perceived as a disadvantage in fashion (she is just about 5'9"), Nicole forged ahead, driven by her desire to succeed in a business where a thick skin and a healthy dose of confidence is not only necessary, but absolutely essential.

She is signed with Karin's New York, Pommier in Miami and Bookings in London. She earned the coveted MAC make-up cosmetics campaign and has worked with a number of top clients and appeared in various fashion editorials.

But, perhaps it is an understanding of her challenges that got Grey musing over the possibilities of music and movies. Last year, she recorded her first single, Lollipop, which she describes as "a bit of pop, dancehall and hip hop". Her dogged determination to succeed meant that she needed to work with current industry influencers and that she did with Lollipop which is slated for a December release. Taylor Made who has worked with Beyoncé, Jay-Z and Rihanna is the producer. The video, notes Grey, will be shot later in the year.

Grey has also recorded We Make Money on the Hangover rhythm.

This time, Skatta Burrell is the responsible producer and the song, which features Mr Pepper, is now receiving good rotation on the airways.

Naturally, an album is in the making and Grey says she is now working on three songs for its completion.

"I'll be going to Miami to meet with record company executives to discuss the album's release after the premiere of Better Mus' Come," declared Grey.

Although excited about the movie's release, Grey admits that she is nervous at the same time, primarily because of the film's content and the sensitivity she feels for the psyche of the Jamaican public, especially given the spate of disturbances that rocked the country recently.


To make the movie, there were certain sacrifices everyone had to make, including Grey. Those sacrifices have provided experiences she will never forget.

"We had to move to Sandy Park for the entire filming and, initially, it was difficult to adjust to the move from my apartment. But, I have a lot of respect for the people who live in the area," Grey reflected.

The roots of this film cannot seem to escape the realities of 'now' as it was this same area that seven persons lost their lives in last week's tropical storm which, incidentally, bears the actress' name.

Like the storm of last week, Nicole is virtually unstoppable. She was also fortunate to score the lead role in another film, The Restless City, which was shot in New York. Again, she edged out a number of experienced actresses to win the part. But that is for another article. Before she gets all 'restless', she is content that 'better mus' come'.