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Who was Gregory's wife?

Published:Wednesday | October 27, 2010 | 12:00 AM
June-Ann Isaacs ... today Photo by christopher Serju
A picture of June-Ann Isaacs and Gregory Isaacs on the day of their marriage in December 1983. - Contributed

Howard Campbell, Gleaner Writer

Since singer Gregory Isaacs died on Monday, two women have come forward claiming to be his wife. June Isaacs, who lives in Kingston, and London-based Linda Isaacs both say they were the 'Cool Ruler's' number one.

Fifty-year-old June-Anne Isaacs told The Gleaner she and Isaacs were married in December 1983. Though they separated seven years ago, she said they never divorced and she still lives in the matrimonial home.

She said she was aware of her husband and Linda having a business relationship but knows nothing of them being married. Isaacs reportedly died from lung cancer at Linda's home. Stories on his death from the Associated Press and the British Broadcasting Corporation both quoted her as his wife.

June-Anne Isaacs said she last saw Gregory just before he left for London.

"He came by to say he was going to London to have surgery the following week. He called a week later and said he was not going to have the operation again because he was feeling well," she said.

Isaacs' manager, Copeland Forbes, said he was scheduled to leave Britain for a date in Guadeloupe but his health had deteriorated and he was forced to cancel that gig.

The Big Chill Festival on August 8 was his final performance.

Isaacs declined to say if her husband left a will. However, she said it is highly unlikely he left an estate in disarray.

Aggressive businessman

"He was an aggressive businessman," she stated. "When it came on to his money he didn't play."

Isaacs is survived by 12 children and six grandchildren. He and his wife had no children.

According to June-Anne, she met Isaacs in 1981 while shopping for records at Randys store in downtown Kingston. With chart-topping songs like Tune In and Soon Forward, he was one of the hottest singers in Jamaica; she was pursuing a teacher's diploma at Shortwood Teachers' College.

She admitted that his notorious cocaine addiction affected their marriage.

"It caused him to have bad mood swings, things like that," she said.

Though hard drugs threatened their relationship and his career, she said Gregory remained a focused composer and was a fanatical reader of Mills and Boon romance novels.

When The Gleaner attempted to contact Linda Isaacs yesterday, she was unavailable for comment.

Gregory Isaacs was 60 years old when he died. His body is expected to be flown back to Jamaica for burial.