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Story of the song - Josey examines dancehall's famous 'Love Triangle'

Published:Sunday | December 26, 2010 | 12:00 AM
Beenie Man (left ) and D'Angel
Bounty Killer
Josey Wales

Mel Cooke, Gleaner Writer

Tonight at Jamworld, Portmore, St Catherine, Beenie Man and Bounty Killer will share the stage to close off the year with what is expected to be another powerful display of their new-found deejay unity. While the former musical arch-rivals have performed in tandem before, notably in August at Fully Loaded in Portmore, St Catherine, and at the National Stadium in late October for the Arthur Guinness Day celebration, Sting is hallowed dancehall ground. It is there that they had their famous clash 17 years ago.

It also seems to be the year that Beenie Man and Michelle 'D'Angel' Downer have settled their marital differences and reunited after their much-publicised split of two years ago.

The two vowed in 2006, capping a firestorm of controversy, and the birth of son Marco Dean.

For those who came in very late, D'Angel had a long-term relationship with 'The Warlord', Bounty Killer, before getting involved with his then nemesis, 'Di Girls Dem Sugar', Beenie Man.

While a lot of media time and onstage commentary was invested in the tussle among the three, outside of those directly involved in the situation, only one entertainer has recorded a noted song about the then three-the-hard-and-often-bitter-way affair, Josey Wales, doing Love Triangle two years ago.

Love thicker than blood

He advises "low Beenie Man an' Bounty when you see them a war/low Beenie Man an' Bounty when you see them a fight/low Beenie Man an' Bounty when you see them a war/when them get back together then we haffi stay far".

Now that there are smiles all around, Josey Wales said "see them get back together right now. I did warn them. I is not a prophet like Bob, but I did sight it. Is domestic dispute that have to take place in life. It depends on how the three or four people take it. You are on the outside. You don't know the depth of the emotion

"If they had listened to the song, they would have left them alone. Just like how blood is thicker than water, love is thicker than blood and water."

In the opening verse of Love Triangle, Josey Wales creates a scenario where Beenie Man and D'Angel are on TV and Bounty calls him to complain, "Colonel do you think that is right/fe de Doctor take D'Angel an' say is him wife?"

To that, Josey replies:

"Bounty me a bad man me no live matey life

The way me watch me woman, me no sleep at night

Me walk roun' the house wid a big flashlight

If a pin drop, big dog a go bite"

Invariably, that part of the song gets the audience howling and Josey Wales continues with the potential physical part of the three-point relationship:

"Oh no Killer it couldn't happen to me

All now my woman woulda up inna UC

Wid two ears box and two Mike Tyson jab

Me woulda en' up inna prison an' she en' up inna rehab"

Returning property is often an issue when an intimate relationship ends, but Josey Wales is determined to recoup his financial investment:

"She would haffi gimme back me house

Gimme back me van ...

She woulda haffi gimme back me chain

Gimme back me ring

An' all de money me spen' up inna Burger King"

He even revisits the previous highly public relationship between Beenie Man and Dancehall Queen Carlene, remarking:

"Me never see Beenie Man fight over Carlene

An look how Carlene brown, beautiful and sexy and clean

But it look like Carlene did a cook too much green

When Beenie Man did want oxtail an' butter bean"

He also pointed out that the dispute never got physical. "That is one of the reason why I will always show a respect for Beenie and Bounty, because of the level it has never reached, that physical level," he said.

However, while the humorous song has been extremely popular at his live performances, Wales says it has never been officially released. When it is, chances are one point of the triangle will be directly involved. "Beenie Man is planning for me to do it on his production. Is I an him miss up through the travelling," Josey Wales said.