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Look to the 'West' - Artiste begins his rise and wants to do it with positive music

Published:Tuesday | January 4, 2011 | 12:00 AM
Floyd West - Contributed
Floyd West - Contributed

Krista Henry, Staff Reporter

Singer Floyd West has been aiming for the musical stars since childhood and is finally beginning to see success in sight.

The singer, who recently performed at Sting for the first time, is eagerly anticipating the release of his new video for his latest single Run Come.

Hailing from Portmore, West's love for music flourished in the church he attended where he was a member of the choir when he was growing up.

He told The Gleaner in an interview recently, "how I really got started is just natural, my mom sings in the choir, my sister is a very good singer as well and is in the choir and that's how I got started."

Dub-poetry readings

Having a love for drama and poetry as well, alongside music, West participated in a lot of dub-poetry readings as well.

After high school,West hit the studios alongside his musically inclined friends of the 'Gremlin Crew.'

From the studios of Penthouse Records to that of Sly and Robbie, West found a mentor in Philip Linton at Arrows Studio.

"Philip Linton really taught me how to record, and the fundamentals of the music. And this music thing is not an easy road but it's worth it," he said. After a while, however, the singer found his way into the army where he continued to deejay until in 2005 when he decided to pursue his love full-time once again.

Captivating voice

Known for his captivating voice, sweet melodies and thought-inspiring lyrics, the artiste soon linked with DJ Sunshine releasing songs like Move Yuh Body and, more recently, Reasons, Affection, Keep Trying, among a slew of others. Recently, West also performed at events such as Jamnesia, Sting, and Manifesto Jamaica, events and says he will hopefully be billed at the upcoming Jamaica Jazz and Blues event.

"Sting recently was really great, it was nice, we got good 'forwards'; and not like we did walk with no entourage," he said.

West says his work is eclectic and suited for all stages, combining jazz, reggae, dub, soul and dancehall to form his own sound. His latest single, Run Come, has also been well-received. The video, which was shot in St Andrew recently, was directed by Asha and Mykal Cushnie and is slated for release in January 2011, with photography by William Richards.

Right now, West says he wants to do good music for the new year and plans to release a live album as, he says, "mi nuh deal wid shallow music. music is a tool, so we plan to do more good music for the future; we aiming for the stars."