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Neho Likors is coming!

Published:Thursday | January 6, 2011 | 12:00 AM

Daviot Kelly, Staff Reporter

Get used to the name Neho Likors, as it may be on the lips (literally) on Jamaican shores full-time.

"It is a liqueur coming from West Africa and it's made from the sap of the palm tree," explained Antoine Violleau of Viollos Imports, the makers of the product. Viollos is a company that specialises in imports of luxury products from West Africa.

Some locals already had a taste when Viollos Imports showcased the product in December at the Market On The Lawn event. He said that he has received hundreds of orders for more. Violleau explained that the beverage goes through much work before it reaches its final product.

"It (the sap) is fermented until it reaches the state of the palm wine (known on the continent as sodabi) and then, after brewing the palm wine, you reach the state of the liqueur. "We get between 60 and 75 per cent alcohol content," he explained. The potency of it might raise the eyebrow, considering good old Jamaican white rum is about 63 per cent. But Violleau said the liqueur is still doing very well in African countries like Togo.

One thing that is sure to catch your attention with Neho Likors is the visual content of each bottle. Each one contains bits of fruit or spices that enhance that particular flavour's taste. There are several flavours, including vanilla, banana, sugar cane, passion and aphrodisiac. He said the drink can be had before you eat, as it opens your appetite, or after a meal, as it aids digestion.

"People really love it. Everyone tastes it and says they've never tasted such a thing. You feel it going down your throat and it just warms you up," he gushed. Viollos Imports is looking to import Neho Likors to Jamaica, and Violleau is attempting to get the product registered. He is eyeing a retail price of about $3,000.

"It gives you a kick and makes everybody come alive," he said. He recommended that Neho Likors are not to be had in large quantities or guzzled (like beer, for instance). Use a shot glass and sip it. Oh, and do not mix it with anything; you will lose the quality of the flavour.