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Unforgivable act

Published:Saturday | February 19, 2011 | 12:00 AM


The National Organisation of Women is appalled and disgusted at the allegation of the gang rape of a young dancer by five policemen in St Catherine on Wednesday night.

That policemen who have sworn to uphold the law and to protect the citizens of Jamaica may have been involved in the gang rape of a young woman is unforgivable, and these men must be severely dwelt with, if found guilty.

This country needs to send a strong message to all members of the police force that we, the citizens of Jamaica, are not to be ill- treated nor abused. Policemen carry weapons and move in groups and are given awesome authority and power.

Rape is the act of weak men who simply get off on power and control. To engage in gang rape is the ultimate act of a pack of cowardly and dastardly men!

Watching very carefully

We, the National Organisation of Women, will be watching this case very carefully. We want the full extent of the law thrown at these men, if convicted. We are deeply sorry for the young women who had to endure this appalling assault. We commend her for her bravery in coming forward.

We also hope that the other policemen will protect this young woman and the other women who work at this and other nightclubs. It will be up to them to show that they are cut from a different cloth and that they will not stand for this type of behaviour from anyone, even their own colleagues.

I am, etc.,


General Secretary

National Organisation of Women