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Mutabaruka talks religion

Published:Wednesday | March 16, 2011 | 12:00 AM

The barefooted, highly respected Rastafarian performer, who speaks today, will present his views on the topic, 'A Rastafari Prospective on the Hebrew Bible'.

Internationally recognised dub poet Mutabaruka will be one of the main presenters during the United Theological College of the West Indies' (UTCWI) Founders' Week, which began on Monday at the College's Golding Avenue complex.

The barefooted, highly respected Rastafarian performer, who speaks today, will present his views on the topic 'A Rastafari Prospective on the Hebrew Bible'.

Scheduled to begin at 11:15 a.m., the dub poet's lecture will have an audience of almost 300 pastors who have gathered for five days, in honour of Reverend D. William Wilberforce Watty, a Caribbean theologian and former president of UTCWI.

According to president of UTCWI - the first female to hold that position - Rev Dr Marjorie Lewis, "Dr Watty had been confirmed to attend the conference but, at the last minute, had to cancel his appearance because of health issues. Unfortunately, he was advised not to travel at this time but UTCWI is looking into the possibility of Dr Watty participating through a Skype network connection on Friday."

However, daughter Lenore Watty is expected to represent the Watty family at the Founders' Week celebrations.

In honour of Dr Watty - who Lewis said always encouraged his students to think critically and to engage in spirited debate and committed praxis - the overall theme chosen for the UTCWI Founders' Week is 'Iron Sharpeneth Iron: Seeking Meaning Through Conversations on the Hebrew Bible'.

Among the topics to be explored this week are 'Allegorical Hermeneutics: The New Thought Approach to Biblical Interpretation', presented by Rev Dr Mary Tumpkin, and 'The Place of the Hebrew Bible in Islam', with presenter Kwaku Ahmed.

Open day and family reunion

There will be an open day and family reunion on Thursday, with an outing planned for families of former UTCWI lecturers.

Lewis said the ground floor of the University of the West Indies Chapel was filled with delegates who participated in the opening service on Monday.

Rev Dr George Mulrain, Connexional, president of the Methodist Church in the Caribbean and the Americas, was the preacher.

UTCWI was established in 1965 by a number of mainline churches to prepare persons from across the Caribbean and Central America for ministry in the Christian Church. Today, UTCWI not only provides basic training for the sponsoring denominations (Anglican, Baptist, Moravian, Methodist, Lutheran and United Church), but offers academic degrees at undergraduate and postgraduate levels to an expanding student body, including students from evangelical and pentecostal churches.