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Beautiful supermoon

Published:Wednesday | March 23, 2011 | 12:00 AM
The supermoon as experienced over Jamaica on Saturday. - PHOTO BY RICHARD MORAIS

FALMOUTH, Trelawny:

THE WORLD on Saturday experienced the phenomenal supermoon and a clear sky in Jamaica made the experience here in Falmouth spectacular.

Falmouthians on Saturday huddled on their verandahs to view the moon.

Supermoon is experienced when the moon is closest to earth during its elliptical (egg-shaped) orbit around the earth. This is also called the perigee stage with the furthest stage named the apogee. Because the moon's orbit varies slightly, this perigee is not always the same but also varies. This time it was at its closest in 18 years, the last time being 1993.

Subsequently, because of this closeness, it made it the largest full moon and brightest in these many years. It is said to be about 20 per cent brighter and 15 per cent bigger than a regular full moon. To the naked eye, however, this may not be detected. The next is expected on November 14, 2016.

- Richard Morais