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Killer cop leaves Facebook trail

Published:Friday | April 8, 2011 | 12:00 AM
Detective Corporal Wayne Llewellyn

Mark Beckford, Online Content Coordinator

Detective Corporal Wayne Llewellyn, who murdered four members of his family before killing himself, appeared to have had marital problems, according to postings on his Facebook page.

Facebook postings, days leading up to yesterday morning's multiple murder-suicide, suggest Llewellyn was facing struggles in his relationship.

On March 26, Llewellyn posted a picture with the phrase 'Heart Closed Until Further Notice'.

On March 28, he changed his relationship status on Facebook from 'married' to in a 'complicated relationship'.

One friend commented "imagine that", while another asked, "What complicate your relationship now, married man?"

On April 1, Llewellyn then changed his relationship status to 'no longer complicated'.

A friend commented: "What God has joined together let no man put .... no one said it would be easy. Ask the Lord to lead daily. Hang on in there."

Llewellyn then responded by saying: "Luv that ... but life has its options too ... happiness comes from within."

That was Llewellyn's last relationship update before killing his mother-in-law, father-in-law, brother-in-law and stepdaughter in Three Hills, St Mary, yesterday.

The victims were identified as 79-year-old Rachel Brown, her husband 73-year-old Voldy Brown, Fitzroy Townsend and 16-year-old Jorjhan Flynn.

Llewellyn's 40-year-old wife was hospitalised after he shot her in the neck.

Since the incident, several persons have commented on his Facebook page.

One person said, "Wayne!!!!!! Why??? I can't believe this!!"

The same person went on to say, "Wayne, Wayne, Wayne!!! Only God alone knew what happened when you snapped and ended so many lives, including yours. May God be with the family at this time!!!"

Another Facebook friend said: "I am saddened ...Wayne we spoke at length and I suggested you give it time ... I am in shock ... I taught and loved Jorjhan ... she was a beautiful girl ... in hindsight you should have left your gun at home."