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Raine Seville finds new focus from motherhood

Published:Sunday | June 12, 2011 | 12:00 AM
Raine Seville - Contributed

Krista Henry, Staff Reporter

Looking to secure not only her future but that of her new-born daughter as well, singer Raine Seville has hopes of pushing her career to the next level.

Having taken a break last year to give birth to her seven-month-old daughter Layla, Seville has returned to music with a new image and songs that are promising to take her music beyond the heights it has already reached.

Speaking with The Sunday Gleaner recently, the singer said she has a new focus, outlook and motivation.

"Having my daughter has really changed my life. I see life differently, my bond with God is closer. I love my mother even more now as I can fully understand what she went through and continues to go through with her kids, including the unconditional love she shows us. I'm a more motivated person, focused, responsible, grateful, humbled because my life is also for Layla, not only for me. My greatest achievement in life is bringing a life into this world. I want to set an example for her and other young girls to pursue their dreams, no matter the obstacles."

Having to adjust her schedule to include spending time with her daughter, heading back to the studio and getting back into shape hasn't been easy.

The singer, however, has managed to juggle her hectic schedule and is still figuring it all out.

"My days are full. I now see myself as a superwoman because I balance being a mother and career woman well. I love and enjoy doing both and I must admit I don't do it alone. I have a great family support system, especially my mother," Raine added.

Slim and trim after weeks of working hard in the gym, the singer's new image includes new blond tresses and a fun, flirty, colourful look.

With the new image comes new music. Seville's first new single is Tra La La from female producer The Wizard. The song was done for the In The Dance show.

Outside of Tra La La, Seville has been busy in the studio, working with producers such as Payday Music, Sean Paul, Kurt Riley, and others. Seville said she is enthused about her upcoming song for Sean Paul, titled Rollercoaster, for which she plans to shoot a video this month.


Outside of music, Seville is paving a path for herself as a businesswoman. Alongside her sister Karen Salmon and cousin Marko Lee, as the Push Movement, the trio staged 'The Musical Rave' yesterday at Heathers Restaurant. Having a degree in marketing and event planning from the University of Technology, Seville feels she has the right tools to stage a rocking event.

"I believe in today's music world, you need to be more than just a good singer and performer. You have to step beyond the music and think of yourself as a brand. The Raine Seville brand involves events and more. With my degree in marketing and event planning, I think I have what it takes to stage a successful event."

Though there is much on her plate, Seville has her rewards.

"My fans are eager to start hearing new music and I've gotten a lot of encouragement from persons in the business who believe in my talent," she said.