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Shame on you, TVJ!

Published:Tuesday | June 28, 2011 | 12:00 AM


Clifton Brown, the rising star from a TVJ news clip which has been remixed into the now-famous Nobody Canna Cross It song, was the subject of ridicule on the 'Smile Jamaica' morning programme on Friday, June 24.

Mr Brown, along with DJ Powa (who is responsible for the song), had appeared on the morning show to reiterate his troubling concerns for the need of an adequate bridge in his community of Mavis Bank, as residents are often marooned by the powerful Yallahs River whenever there is heavy rainfall.

Clifton shares a serious concern with that of many other Jamaicans who live in areas of deplorable roadways and lack of adequate infrastructure to go to and from their communities, leaving them frustrated. That is not funny. He expressed that this situation has been ongoing for 60 years and yet he has still not received the objective of his pleas.

Now regardless of how colourful his accent may be, the interviewer, Neville Bell, made no apologies by continuously laughing whenever Mr Brown opened his mouth. Is TVJ endorsing the mockery? I think Clifton is owed an apology for this unprofessional behaviour.

It's a serious issue and we should not miss the message because of his speech. It's not funny anymore.