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Jamaican films being requested

Published:Sunday | July 10, 2011 | 12:00 AM

The Jamaica Reggae Film Festival presented a programme of films at the Drum Festival in Birmingham, England, yesterday.

The festival, which showcases the arts and culture of the Caribbean community,screened four award-winning films from the Reggae Film Festival catalogue, including A Dance For Grace, whose lead dancerspresented a live performance before the screening.

The Drum Festival has extended an invitation for the Reggae Film Festival to be a feature of its 2012 event, when the Jamaican Olympic team training camp will be in Birmingham prior to the London Olympics.

Recent outcomes of the 2011 Reggae Film Festival include an invitation for Esther Anderson to present her film, Bob Marley - Making Of A Legend, at the Ghent (France) Film Festival after its presentation at the Edinburgh Festival. The film, which includes rare footage of Marley, has been receiving requests from festivals around the world.

Animators whose works were applauded at the Reggae Film Festival have been receiving international attention. Reinardo Chung, whose animated film, Bad Influence, won the Digicel Award for Best Animation, has been interviewed by the London newspaper Vision, while Sam Stewart has been invited to enter his animated film, Jerk Chicken, at the Syracuse, United States of America music festival.

Plans are under way for presentations of the Best of the Reggae Film Festival in Vancouver, Canada and Atlanta, USA.