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Flow TV calls for local content

Published:Sunday | September 4, 2011 | 12:00 AM
Michele English, president and chief operating officer of Flow in Jamaica (third left), stands with Christopher Barnes, managing director of The Gleaner Company Ltd, and Flow promotional girls during the launch of Flow TV at the Terra Nova Hotel in St Andrew on Tuesday. - Contributed
Denise Williams, director of corporate and government affairs at Flow, hangs out with Keri-Ann 'Kiki' Thombs during Flow Channel 100 media launch at the Terra Nova Hotel on Tuesday. - Colin Hamilton/Freelance Photographer

... Presents initial batch of Jamaican shows at Terra Nova

In the end, Tuesday night's presentation of Flow TV's latest developments at Terra Nova Hotel, Waterloo Road, St Andrew, had the feel of a sign-up session.

Producers of Jamaican programmes were invited to go to the media tent to have dialogue with Flow, after the network's appreciation of and appetite for local content had been clearly stated. That was done through images from Jamaican content that is already on Flow TV, as well as words from the network's management team and an enthusiastic endorsement by Judith Falloon-Reid, who is involved in the production of Gospel Rhythms, already on Flow TV.

Flow made the Jamaican content connection from the start of the launch, host Kiki in the flesh coordinating with Cabbie Chronicles animated characters Stoosh Puss and Delly on big screen. And Kiki, in setting the agenda, told the audience, "We are about to form a partnership." The objective, then, was to explore "how we as local content producers, content providers, can merge with Flow to create amazing programmes."

Keeping promise to programmers

Michele English, president and chief operating officer of Flow in Jamaica, put the local content drive in the context of the company's development. She said that when Flow started its service in Jamaica five years ago, "we made a promise that we would continuously innovate". And English welcomed all to the relaunch of the revamped Flow TV.

She made it clear that "we do not have any intention of becoming a broadcaster", while welcoming programmes in business, education, lifestyle, and those targeting children. English positioned Flow TV as "an affordable option for local producers", thereby providing them an opportunity to earn extra income.

Michael Look Tong, head of media services, gave an even wider perspective on Flow TV's local content initiative, saying that Flow is moving towards being a user-generated channel with new and interesting content.

Already, he said, Flow has six hours of local programming spread over the week. Among the programmes are Pree Dis, Gospel Rhythms, Splash, The Lab, Vision of Truth, and Lauren O Lauren, clips of which were shown at the end of the event - and before the sign-up call.

Falloon-Reid said, "We have been waiting for this day for two and a half years.

"The other stations want to tell you what to do, and Flow is willing to work with you in a very good way," she said.

Stoosh Puss and Delly chipped in with a last splash of humour to close off the presentation.

- M.C.