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Buying time for Burrell - CFU presidential candidate Taylor believes interim exec is stalling

Published:Saturday | October 29, 2011 | 12:00 AM
Ryon Jones, Gleaner Writer

The announcement by acting Caribbean Football Union (CFU) President Yves Jean Bart that the body's extraordinary congress, originally scheduled for November 20 in Jamaica, has been postponed due to financial inadequacies has caused the ire of presidential candidate, Trinidadian Harold Taylor, who is of the view that there are other factors influencing the delay.

In a letter to his fellow CFU colleagues sent out on Thursday, Taylor stated that the: "The arbitrary postponement of the Extra Ordinary Congress of the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) has not only left me baffled, angry and stymied, but has also hardened my resolve to contest this election and ensure that this black period in the history of Caribbean football is never again repeated in our collective lifetime."

He has refused to accept the argument that the union does not presently have the funds to stage the congress as scheduled.

"I am not buying that at all," Taylor declared yesterday when contacted by The Gleaner. "The congress can be held, if the members have to pay, they will have to pay or we could talk to sponsors. I have already had that discussion and we will get sponsors to sponsor it," he added.

Taylor believes the person behind the postponement of the congress is CFU General Secretary Angenie Kanhai.

"This action is representative of the grab for power and protection of turf by Ms Angenie Kanhai of the purported office of general secretary, CFU, which she has wrongfully held on to and illegally protects until possibly she is of the opinion that the environment may be more suited for her preferred candidate to contest the post of president, CFU."

Taylor believes the delay was fashioned to allow for the expiration of the three-month suspension of Captain Horace Burrell, which would allow the embattled Jamaican to once again become eligible for the region's top football job.

"You don't have to be a rocket scientist to see it, as all along you were going along with the thing and on a sudden, since Captain Burrell has been suspended, you decide well we have to postpone it," Taylor reasoned. "In the first place the executive committee, as it is composed at this time, has no authority to take any decision, as if you look at the statute, for them to be able to take any decision they have to have a quorum.

He added: "They would have to have four members and two of them would have to be officers and at this point in time they don't have any officers and therefore they are not constituted to make any decision."

Taylor's next course of action will be to seek advice from well-respected Caribbean lawyer Sir Shridath Ramphal.

"Once Sir Shridath's (Ramphal) opinion concurs with my view and, if deemed necessary, I am also prepared to lay this challenge to the CFU Constitution for direction within the jurisdictional precincts of the Caribbean Court of Justice for a ruling in this matter, so that our posterity will never accuse us of assisting with the dismantling of our constitution through our silence."

Jamaica's representative in the presidential race, Tony James, who is currently touring the region trying to drum up support, shares the view that the congress should proceed as planned.

"If it is financial problem, we have already found a solution," James stated. "The very day the circular came out from the acting president we sent him back the solution, so we are awaiting his response," he added.