Mon | Jun 18, 2018

Jesus mum on gays, so why aren't we?

Published:Wednesday | January 18, 2012 | 12:00 AM


I always find it interesting for Christians to quote various words of scripture as a basis to terrorise, humiliate and marginalise gay people, without ever looking at the context and the audience to which these various scriptures were directed.

On a very similar point, I have yet to see anywhere in the Bible where Jesus Christ addressed the issue of homosexuality. As such a great teacher and rabbi, one would imagine that if the issue of homosexuality was such a hot topic, and deserving of the condemnation currently espoused, at some point in time he would have said something directly related to it.

When one reads 'The Sermon on the Mount' widely considered as the cornerstone of Christianity, not a peep. Is it possible that this so-called 'mother of all sins' was really a non-issue for our Lord?


Toronto, Canada