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Let's make money from garbage - Arscott

Published:Friday | February 17, 2012 | 12:00 AM


The island's landfills are being viewed as a potential source of generating energy and creating revenue based on an assessment outlined by Minister of Local Government Noel Arscott.

During a meeting at the St James Parish Council yesterday, Arscott told councillors that his ministry recently met with the Ministry of Energy, Mining and ICT to discuss methods of accessing renewable energy derived from waste material.

"Most of these will affect you because you have a huge landfill in Retirement, St James, which you need to bring under proper modern management and control," Arscott said. "The waste energy presents one of the potential solutions of dealing with the waste to convert to energy."

In reacting to the minister's declaration, Montego Bay Mayor Charles Sinclair said that in 2007, his council had made a submission to have the waste at the parish's landfill converted to energy.

"It's something that would be very useful because it would cause persons to see value in waste," said Sinclair. "Implementation is the critical part of it; what's going to be important is the separation of waste, and that falls under the National Solid Waste Management Authority ... . The agency needs to create policies for separation and recycling of waste."