No JEEP for college grads

Published: Friday | February 24, 2012 Comments 0


I support neither political party. I have NEVER been enumerated, because I don't feel either has done anything to get my vote.

Now the People's National Party is in power and I am wondering what's going to change. I am a trained physical education teacher with a bachelor's degree, and I am currently not working. There are no jobs. Whenever a job is advertised and you go, links get someone else the job.

I am not begging handouts. I want the Government to create jobs. I have done everything that society has asked of me, and now society is failing me.

I have a student loan which I can't repay because I'm not working. The Students' Loan Bureau (SLB) doesn't understand, and wants its money.

All I seem to hear the new Government talking about is the Jamaica Emergency Employment Programme (JEEP) - painting sidewalks, clearing bush from roads, and cleaning drains. Are you now telling me that going to college will only get me a job with JEEP?

Are you now telling me that there is no hope for professionals? Did I waste my time going to college? Will I ever get a permanent teaching job in Jamaica? Am I ever going to finish paying off the SLB? Am I living in a failed country?

We need jobs, and not just jobs for skilled workers. If that's the case, let's close the colleges and only focus on skills training.


Unemployed Teacher

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