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Guinness, Popcaan and Sizzla find common ground - Philanthropic efforts of the artistes lauded by liquor brand

Published:Sunday | September 16, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Popcaan and Sizzla, two of the major acts confirmed for the Arthur Guinness Day celebrations at the National Indoor Sports Centre on September 27 have been actively involved as goodwill ambassadors in their respective communities.

Similar to the generous nature of Arthur Guinness, Popcaan and Sizzla are making contributions aimed at improving the communities and their respective members.

Arthur Guinness made significant contributions by developing some of the first recorded pension schemes in the 1800s, a company pharmacy along with medical care for workers and giving generous gifts to the people in and around Dublin, Ireland.

According to, "From the beginning Arthur Guinness ensured his business continually gave something back to his employees, the local community and Dublin."

It is this same generous spirit that Popcaan and Sizzla have embodied. Popcaan recently hosted a back-to-school treat at Three West in Greater Portmore, where school bags and other educational supplies were given to those in attendance.

"Giving is my blessing. To whom much is given, much is expected," Popcaan said. He has been making contributions to the community since 2010.

Like Arthur Guinness' legacy, Popcaan explained that his good works are aimed at personal development and community upliftment.

"I think my good works in my communities represent community development because I focus on education and sports for the youth and I think this is the key for all communities to be sustainable and move out of poverty," he added.

Sizzla, born Miguel Collins, also practises the philanthropic ideals of Arthur Guinness. His contributions towards enriching the lives of citizens and communities are quite noted.

From his ties with the Eastern Peace Centre (EPC) on Windward Road to his involvement in his hometown of August Town, Sizzla demonstrates he is "made of more".

Sizzla's hosting of the 'The Occasion' - named after one of his most influential songs - for the EPC underscores his positive contributions to the communities of Windward Road, Rockfort and Mountain View.

Proceeds from this event have been used to support the development of EPC youth programmes.

Sizzla states he has been giving back to communities from 1997 and his inspiration comes from being close to the community and its citizens by being involved in simple activities that are uplifting.

"I keep back-to-school treats, stage shows and sports events," he said. In keeping with the philanthropic legacy of Arthur Guinness, he has started the Sizzla Youth Foundation.

"I have always been giving back to my community which is August Town and not just August Town alone. I have donated and performed for free at a lot of fund-raising events and these profits go right back into the community," Sizzla said.

As part of the Arthur Guinness Day celebration this year, Guinness will be funding 10 community projects through the Arthur Guinness Fund.

Popcaan and Sizzla's documented social projects make their appearance at this year's concert more significant, according to Guinness brand manager Racquel Nevins.

"It was only fitting for them to help Guinness celebrate individuals making differences in Jamaican communities while honouring Arthur Guinness, a man that was made of more," she noted.