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Morant Bay High grads urged to be agents of change

Published:Tuesday | October 2, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Mohan Kumar (left), acting principal Morant Bay High School, in discussion with Morin Seymour, executive director of the Kingston Restoration Company, ahead of the 2012 graduation ceremony held on the school grounds last week. - Ricardo Makyn/Staff Photographer
Some of the graduates of Morant Bay High School during their graduation ceremony last week.
Some of the graduates of Morant Bay High School during their graduation ceremony last week.

WHILE BEMOANING the sluggish state of the country's economy, Morin Seymour, executive director of Kingston Restoration Company, has called on a group of recent high-school graduates to equip themselves to assist in the country's growth process.

Seymour, while addressing the Morant Bay High School 2012 graduating class in St Thomas last Thursday, urged graduates to be mindful that it is the quality of a country's human resource that determines its level of growth.

"Jamaica's economy has not grown for the past 40 years. Graduates, you must prepare yourselves for meaningful employment in order to contribute to the economic and national development of this country. It is the stock and quality of the human capital of a country that is determinant of the stage of its economic development," Seymour said.

"Your family is depending on you. Jamaica is depending on you to make that change that we are longing to see in this country - a change in our social and economic condition," he said.


Seymour, who is also chairman of Excelsior Community College, said community colleges have "staked their claim" as being foremost in national development, while proving less expensive than universities. He challenged the graduating class to make use of community colleges to help bolster their employability.

He also used the occasion to announce plans by his institution to collaborate with the basic schools, churches and business sector in the parish to offer worthwhile training to residents.

"The goal is to ascertain the needs, educate, train, and certify Jamaicans with the skills that Jamaica needs to compete locally and globally in the 21st century. In addition, we want to cater to the adults with special needs. As such, it is our intention to establish an adult reading programme in the parish," he said.

More than 120 students made up the graduating class at Morant Bay High School with all of them attaining between five and 13 subjects in the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate examinations.