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Punish gay-bashing students

Published:Wednesday | November 7, 2012 | 12:00 AM


I read Gordon Robinson's column 'Why gay rights?', published Tuesday, October 23, 2012, and in light of the incident that happened at the University of Technology (UTech) on Thursday, November 1, I write to implore you to take action.

I am Jamaica-born, internationally educated, returning resident to the island. The incident at UTech is shameful and embarrassing.

Those students involved should have their careers, hopes and dreams taken from them, and they should be incarcerated, along with the security guards that beat that young man.

What happened is a hate crime, and such a crime needs to elicit harsh punishment to deter any such acts in the future.

strong solidarity

Jamaica is uneducated on the nature of homosexuality. Those of us who are more evolved have to stand up.If people didn't stand up during the civil-rights movement, nothing would have ever changed for the black man.

It is our responsibility to fight for those whose lives would be endangered if they dared to fight.I stand with you in this fight.

This is the 21st century.It is too late for Jamaica to remain backward on this issue. Enough is enough!

And for the record, I am a heterosexual woman.