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Fat, begone! - Dr recommends mesotherapy to reduce fat from problem areas

Published:Monday | November 26, 2012 | 12:00 AM
After mesotherapy.
Before treatment.
These pictures - the before and after - show a significant reduction in fat around the abdominal area, after the mesotherapy treatment was performed. - Contributed

Latoya Grindley, Staff Reporter

Unwanted fat is a big health issue for everyone. But, for women especially, when globules of fatty tissue accumulate in certain areas of the body such as the abdomen, sides (love handles) and arms and thighs. Fat is generally considered unattractive and for some women, an sadded burden.

Dermatologists like Arlene Rose, are in the business of helping people reduce excess body fat. She has recently introduced the mesotherapy procedure which affords women a more practical and affordable option for targeting problem areas.

Rose who practices out of DermaKare, Winchester Business Centre, told Flair that she decided to offer this procedure as a way of helping her clients. According to her, it is a more practical and affordable option for targeting problem areas.

" I decided to offer it because not every patient wants to have a surgical scar or to go through liposuction surgery which is more invasive, takes longer, and costs a lot more."

Having undergone the specific training for the procedure, she told Flair that mesotherapy has grown in popularity and has a high success rate.

But what does this procedure entail?

The doctor highlighted that choline, which is found in vitamins, is injected into the layer of fat. This solution she added, helps to shrink fat in the areas of concern.

Touted as being relatively pain-free, the solution acts as an agent to metabolise the fat. And unlike exercise, which is promoted after the procedure to ensure maximum results, mesotherapy gives you control over what needs to be corrected.

specific areas

"You can specifically target the area of concern. And the most commonly treated areas are the tummy, back of the arms or inner thighs. With exercise you can't necessarily pick where you want to burn fat from."

Mesotherapy is not recommended for drastic weight reduction, neither is this suited for grossly overweight persons.

"This therapy is ideal for patients who are not necessarily obese, but who have areas of fat that make fitting into clothes difficult, for example an area of fat overhanging, a C-section scar that is not responding to exercise, or fat on the back or waist areas."

The duration of the treatment is dependent on the amount of fat, but Rose said that one visit is good enough to make a difference.

"As early as a week after the procedure persons can see the results and the treated areas continue to reduce over the next 6-8 weeks," she explains.

Another plus that is associated with the procedure is how quickly it can be done. And with the fast recovery rate, there is no major discomfort experienced.

"It takes between 15 minutes to half an hour, depending on how much fat we are treating. For recovery, it takes typically three days, although most patients have gone back to work on procedure day and the following day. The treated area is a bit swollen and tender for three days," Rose explains.

The doctor stressed that patients have to pass a series of tests to ensure that they are suitable for the procedure.

"Although the injectible we use is food-based, not every patient is a candidate and we do a series of blood tests to ensure that each patient can have the procedure done. For example, we do not treat insulin-dependent diabetics," she said.

Once the client has passed and the procedure done, Rose, who has been a dermatologist for 10 years, recommends a maintenance diet.

"We do recommend a maintenance diet that is very effective, so that our patients are able to maintain and continue the results, as they are often very motivated after seeing their results from the procedure," she added.

With all the attractive features of this method, there will inevitably be reservations or scepticism. But Rose emphasised that there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

"We often reassure patients that the active ingredient we are injecting is like a vitamin, and is in fact in most multivitamin preparations. The procedure also causes good tightening of the skin after the fat is metabolised and this is very reassuring for most patients who fear the looseness that follows fat loss."

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