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Super Lotto winner has month to collect prize

Published:Friday | November 30, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Daviot Kelly, Staff Reporter

It could be a miserable new year for the holder of the winning Super Lotto ticket.

That's because the second Jamaican winner of the Supreme Ventures Ltd (SVL) game has still not come forward to collect his/her prize since the winning combination was drawn on October 2.

"Nobody has called, no one has come forward. We've only heard rumours," said Sonia Davidson, vice-president, group corporate communications at SVL.

Davidson said SVL has only been hearing rumours that the winner could not initially find the ticket, but having finally done so was now "working out things" before presenting themselves.

SVL confirmed the individual bought the prized ticket in Montego Bay and Davidson said the company has been continually putting ads in the local newspapers, but to no avail.

"SVL has been doing a number of interviews on radio stations plugging it again," she added.

Davidson confirmed this was the longest a Super Lotto winner has taken to surface across the region but noted that a Lotto winner once took about two months to come forward.

$171.6 million prize

At the beginning of November, SVL sent out a release urging players to check their tickets. The player won the split price amount of $171.6 million (or US$1.92 million) with the winning numbers 15, 17, 24, 30, 31 and Super Ball 03. However, almost two months later, the public is still waiting to see the lucky person.

But there's still time. The winner has until December 31 to claim the prize. After that, the prize money will be split, 50 per cent going to the CHASE Fund with the other half going back to the Super Lotto game and promotions. But Davidson said SVL is still hoping the winner will appear.

"We want people to see a winner," Davidson said.