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Unsigned but ... undaunted

Published:Monday | December 3, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Stuart Wilson

Jordane Delahaye, Gleaner Writer

Stuart Wilson may be unsigned, but he is still determined to make music. The Caymanian reggae artiste with Jamaican heritage says he has been involved in music his whole life but started working hard at breaking ground in the music industry around 2003.

Since Wilson is unsigned, he had to make sure he was ready to absorb the financial responsibilities associated with his career choice before making the leap.

The artiste also said he wanted to make sure he was ready musically as well.

"A lot of the times when you enter into something you expect instant results, but with music it really is a tough task and she is a jealous maiden. It requires so much commitment, a lot of your personal time, a lot of your finances, and so on," Wilson said in an interview with The Gleaner.


The reggae enthusiast went on to add that his purpose in music is greater than the sacrifices he has had to make.

Wilson was born to a Caymanian mother and Jamaican father and spent most of his life in Cayman where he grew up. The artiste was quick to add, however, that all of his holidays and most of his vacations were spent here in Jamaica and that Jamaica is where he truly considers home.

"Jamaica is such a bedrock of talent and the ecosystem of creativity is just so vibrant. And then over in Cayman, we have a lot of great venues and I think that there is some synergy to be had there." Wilson said.

Listening to Wilson's new single, Three Kings, reveals a unique and distinct roots reggae sound and Wilson revealed that his authenticity is something he prides.

"I think that some of the best singers are the ones which you can distinctively recognise within five to 10 seconds of you hearing their song," Wilson added.


The songwriter is also very passionate about every word he writes and this is evident in the delivery of his lyrics.

Wilson describes his music as inspired and says that the lyrics he writes come from the "ether of space and time" through what he considers a spiritual process.

Three Kings was recorded three months ago here in Jamaica. Wilson revealed the single was recorded at the Mixing Lab in Kingston, where he got the chance to work with renowned music producer Clive Hunt, who has worked with such artistes as the Rolling Stones, The Abyssinians and Jimmy Cliff, among others.

According to Wilson, the single has been doing well abroad and he is now on a promotional pilgrimage in Jamaica.

Wilson currently has a video released for his single So in Love With You, which has also been doing well both locally and abroad. At the time of the interview, the artiste revealed that he had performed the song on Hype TV, CVM TV and TVJ all in the space of four days.

Fans can look out for a music video for Three Kings around February 2013.

Wilson currently has an EP out titled Holding The Fort which, he says, is an effort to satiate the demand for his music while he works on putting together a full 12-track album for late next year.

The EP is available on iTunes and on Wilson's website

"I want to make some music that people will remember; music that when people think of a certain time in their life they can relate it back to a song of mine," Wilson said, adding that he wants to continue to grow and hone his craft, as there is no limit for what can be accomplished through music.