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How can I get my boyfriend to Canada?

Published:Tuesday | December 4, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Deidre S. Powell

Dear Miss Powell,

I've been dating my Jamaican boyfriend for two years now. Last year, we planned for him to come and visit me in Canada for a month. Unfortunately, he didn't get a visa. We want to apply again for a visa. This time, we will submit a letter of invitation as part of the application. What can we do to ease the application process? Can he apply for a job when he visits? Where can I find more information about the steps to take?

- CM

Dear CM,

Applying for a temporary resident visa, which is also called a visitor's/tourist visa and applying for a work permit are two different types of applications. The requirement costs and processing times are different.

If your boyfriend wishes to visit you in Canada for a short period of time and not work, the most appropriate thing to do would be to submit an application for a temporary resident visa (TRV). The documents that he should submit with his application are:

1. The new application for a TRV form;

2. Completed Family Information form;

3. Schedule 1 (if applicable);

4. Proof of sufficient funds to cover expenses for the duration of your trip;

5. Bank statements or bank book covering the past three months;

6. Proof of assets (investments, land, car title);

7. Letter from employer;

8. Required fee;

9. Travel itinerary;

10. Additional information should show his commitment to returning to Jamaica upon the expiry of the time granted in the visa;

11. Statutory declaration if you are in a common-law relationship;

12. Valid passport;

13. Two photographs according to Citizenship and Immigration Canada specification;

14. Notarised invitation letter.

If you will be financing the trip for your boyfriend, you will need to include additional details in your invitation letter such as a notarised copy of your citizenship or permanent resident card, bank statements, most recent notice of assessments and T4, proof of assets and investments, and employment letter. If self-employed, you will need to submit a letter from an accountant along with your notice of assessments. These documents may be enclosed in a sealed envelope addressed to the visa office.

Separate application

If your boyfriend wants to work in Canada, he will need to make a separate application for a work permit. The requirements are more demanding and he will first need to provide proof of receiving a job offer from a qualified Canadian employer. He will need to provide evidence that he will be able to satisfy the job requirements. You should visit the website for more information on job categories that do not require any visa.

If there are concerns about eligibility, I would recommend that you contact a lawyer to assist you with the preparation of your application and guide you with the process.

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