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Di Blueprint sketches Battle of the Bands title

Published:Sunday | December 16, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Di Blueprint Band after winning the Gobal Battle of the Bands competition in London. - Contributed

Di Blueprint Band is the best new band in the world. Last week, the youngsters competed in the Global Battle of the Bands in London and showed their acumen by taking home an important title, creating history in the process.

Jamaica is now the first country to have won the Global Battle of the Bands twice in a row.

That title didn't come without trials as the young band blew adapters when they were doing soundchecks, a crisis that would mean they had no guitar effects or harmonies.

That soundcheck was to have been early on the day of the competition and now the band had to go get adapters and go back to do a soundcheck. An entire day preparing with no sleep awaited them. Blueprint still won.

Upside to the setback

There was an upside to the setback because it meant Blueprint got the chance to take a look at the competition.

It is not certain how much help that last look would have been but at the end of a long day, Jamaica's representatives at the Global Battle of the Bands bested Wandlust from Cyprus, Xinfu District from Norway, Heston Drop from Australia, Stinkin Ways from The Bahamas and Manfellows from Romania, an international melting pot signifying five of the best six bands in the world.

Interestingly, Jamaica's second victory marks the second year since Sereste Small, national director of the Global Battle of the Bands, Jamaica, reintroduced the country's leg of the competition.

The win was also important in another way, as the band had recently lost keyboardist and member, Rameich. The group, comprising Alex, Elton, Kedron, and Vern, dedicated the award to their fallen member.

A blog on the competition's website pointed out that the members were in tears after accepting the award.