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2013 PROPHECIES - Christians must repent!

Published:Friday | December 28, 2012 | 12:00 AM
People in a state of prayer during a Power of Faith Ministries International Convention at headquarters Church in Portmore, St Catherine. - Anthony Minott/Freelance Photographer

The following is Part 3 of the Word of the Lord received during prayer for 2013 onward, as given through Prophetess Bishop Doris Hutchinson, Apostle Steve Lyston, Prophetess M. Lyston, Prophetess N. Green, Prophetess S. DiMuccio, Prophetess N. Brotherton and Prophetess M. Malcolm. Keep an eye out for more.


32.  God is calling His people to arise, there are dangers ahead. Many Christians are too busy with their own agenda and they are not faithful to God; which hinders their blessings and the blessings of others. They have shifted their focus from the Lord and have gone back to their old ways. But thus says the Lord to His people, "Do not harden your hearts, but return to me. The enemy desires to sift some of you as wheat. Many prophets and pastors have spoken out of their own spirit to the flock, and have prophesied words that I did not speak (for fame and recognition). Some have spoken lying words to leaders and others have gone the way of Balaam, and it has caused division and confusion within the Body of Christ."

33.  This is a time when God requires all Christians to unite and pray that His glory will manifest in the earth. It will not be business as usual in 2013.

34.  God says, "I am still extending my grace."

35.  This is a year of repentance. Repent, return and be restored!

36.  The Lord says this is a time of New Birth. Many of this people have been in labour for years, waiting anxiously for God to deliver them. Get ready for God is about to step into many of his people's situations. God is about to deal with your enemies as in 2 Chronicles 20.


37. God will cause the US economy to bounce back in 2013 to show His mercy.

38.  God is watching the USA - the decisions they are to make they are to do so quickly

39.  Pray for the safety and protection of the US president and his family.

40.  God shall defend His covenant with the USA. "I shall raise up America and not allow them to be put to shame. Righteousness shall be restored."

41.  Pray for the safety and security of the Indian prime minister.

42.  The FAA and TSA need to be extremely vigilant with all international flights coming from the Eastern sections of the world.

43 More airlines will be merging because of low profit margins and low sales.

44.  Pray for two US airlines (initials DA and SWA) that they will pay close attention to maintenance in 2013.

45.  Pray for the safety and security of all our airlines; especially for Big A.

46.  Rise up true prophets and seek for the anointing to see in the king's bedroom.

47.  There shall be increase in the Antichrist systems. Yet God's hands shall be heavy on five kings globally.

48.  Pray for Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Bombay (India), New Guinea, Lebanon, Sudan, Canada (esp Vancouver), Russia, Cuba, China, Pakistan, Syria, Uzbekistan and North Korea. There shall be great shaking. There shall also be a great uprising and stir in the Middle East.

49.  Great problems within the coldest regions; a great melting is taking place. This melting will cause serious repercussions on other nations; flooding, landslides and soil erosion.

50.  God shall stir up the Middle East and shall teach them a lesson. For some of them, their own weapons shall be turned back on them. Many wicked plans and evil weapons of mass destruction shall backfire.

51.  There will be a spirit of confusion among countries and politicians that are allies. Those that have come together for evil plans will soon reap what they have sown.

52.  As the governments of the world get ready to launch new strategies, they are about to be surprised at the happenings in 2013. While man is planning, God is wiping out. There will be major upsets in many governments and more exposure of hidden crimes and wickedness.

53.  The enemies are changing their strategies and God is calling on the authorities to be vigilant.

54.  Something shall happen in the United States that shall cause them to change their manifesto.

55. More weeping and wailing shall take place in 2013 because many have forsaken God and have bowed to idols.

56.  For the Body of Christ, great change is coming. God shall provide for His people. He will bless those that are homeless as they carry out and obey His instructions. God wants His people to look to Him and not to man. God shall anoint and bless those who are humble in spirit.

57.  Pray for India, a sad day is ahead for them. Pray also for Trinidad and Tobago - something serious ahead! Pray also for Jamaica, Barbados and Bangladesh.

58.  God is calling on the Western nations to prepare for attacks coming from the Eastern sections. This is the time to plan war tactics and strategies to prepare in the case of such events. Wars are brewing spiritually and naturally.

59.  A subtle attack is pending for a Caribbean island. There is an embargo being planned that will affect foreign ships, and if successful it will bring great suffering and hardship on nations that depend on these resources. It will also affect trading and commodities of every kind. It will also increase famine.

60.  A sad day is coming for people throughout the nations. Many will hurt themselves just to ensure that others suffer. This will result in an increase of skin diseases and global warming that will baffle scientists.

61. Many who once enjoyed a life of luxury will no longer do so. But God will take care of His own. His people are not to worry.

62. More deceptions will be exposed. Many are being deceived and many are setting up devices to destroy the younger generation. Lewdness has become the order of the day, so it is difficult to find role models with proper values and attitudes. The Holy Spirit is pleading; where is the blessedness we once had when we first sought the Lord? Why have we walked away from the Lord to do the things which we know are abominations? Why are we serving the creature rather than the Creator? Leaders, why have you robbed the poor and those who are unable to defend themselves from the ravages of war? Many have died in despair from hunger and famine, and the absence of medical care. This is not what God intended for mankind. God is calling man to repent and turn from their wicked ways before it is too late to repent.

63. There is great selfishness in the Body of Christ that hinders God's blessings and prosperity. God is calling His people to repent and turn from their wicked ways.

64. Many who have acquired wealth through wickedness it will come back to haunt them, for the blood of the innocent cries.

65. The great oceans are rising in some places on the earth. Many rivers shall take back their courses.

66. There will be an increase of insects which will seriously affect the earth and cause great food shortages.