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The genius behind Chronixx

Published:Tuesday | January 22, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Romaine Arnett, the producer behind the career of Chronixx. - Photo by Carl Gilchrist
Chronixx makes a point during his performance at Rebel Salute, Richmond Estate, St Ann. - Photo by Sheena Gayle

Carl Gilchrist, Gleaner Writer

As a producer, musician and writer, rising reggae star Chronixx (Jamar McNaughton) used to write songs for other artistes, until fellow musician at Zinc Fence Records, Romaine Arnett, also known as Teflon, (not to be confused with the recording artiste with the same alias), encouraged him to sing his songs himself.

Since then, Chronixx has had tremendous success, both as a stage performer and through rotation of his songs on the air, with Arnett being his exclusive producer.

"The link started about two years back," explained Arnett in an interview with The Gleaner, backstage Rebel Salute last Saturday night.

"He was producing also and was writing songs for some other artistes and I seh, 'how yuh can sing and yuh writing songs fi other artistes? Why we nuh jus' work and you sing the song dem and we jus' produce?' "

Arnett said one day Chronixx came to him with a song he had just written, Behind Curtain.

Productive push

"Him seh him write it fi another artiste. So mi seh 'no, you a go sing da song deh! Trust mi, you a go sing da song deh!' We dweet and it work!"

Since then, the collaboration has yielded several other songs such as Warrior and Spirulina.

Arnett has also produced other artistes such as Lutan Fire, Protoje, Kabaka Pyramid, Jah Cure and Keida.

There are new projects in the pipeline for 2013. The Zinc Fence team is working on a Chronixx album, however, this will be preceded by an EP in the summer. There is also a European and United States tour later this year. Additionally, Zinc Fence Records will be introducing a clothing line called Black Starliner.

Arnett said Chronixx has a bright future, as his charisma and his music will ensure that.

And speaking of the success so far, Arnett said: "It's a good look. You have to love the love wah the people give Chronixx and the whole team. Respect for that every time because without the people, there wouldn't be Chronixx, there wouldn't be Zinc Fence, there wouldn't be anything, yuh know wah ah mean?"