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Digicel says sorry

Published:Sunday | January 27, 2013 | 12:00 AM

Company to revert to familiar voicemail system based on complaints from its customers

Telecommunications giant Digicel has assured the Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR) that system problems which affected the qua-lity of service to its customers will be fixed by February 1.

Responding to OUR queries about problems in its system that have led to several complaints, Digicel last week apologised and vowed that changes would be made.

The OUR had written to Digicel after several of its customers complained about their inability to make calls successfully through its network.

Customers complained about calls going straight to voicemail without the call party's phone registering a ring, incurring a charge to the calling customer, without giving them the option to terminate the call.

Digicel, in response to the OUR, explained that a team of technical experts, including key network suppliers, had investigated all aspects of its new network and voicemail system.

"Under the system, implemented on December 13, 2102, calls are diverted to voicemail if the other party's device is "engaged" at the time of the call," said Digicel.

"The device is considered "engaged" when the recipient is on another call, starting or ending a data session, or sending and receiving SMS," added Digicel.

However, the company argued that under the old system 30 per cent fewer calls were reaching voicemail and pointed out that the network performance in transferring calls to the voicemail system was broadly the same before and after the introduction of the new system.

not agreeable

Digicel said it recognised that some of the changes it implemented were not agreeable to customers and has decided to revert to the familiar voicemail welcome and retrieval greetings.

The company has also agreed to embark on a "voicemail information campaign" in the press and social media.

"This will include details on how to set up or disable voicemail, as well as confirm the charging policy of the voicemail system."

Digicel is to implement the changes to the voicemail system by February 1 the same day that the voicemail information campaign will start.