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Pointers on Publishing - Content is the new currency

Published:Sunday | February 10, 2013 | 12:00 AM

Corine LaFont, Contributor

I looked up the definition of 'currency' on the web and it was interesting to see the meaning below, which I took from

It stated that 'currency' is: Any form of money that is in public circulation. Currency includes both hard money (coins) and soft money (paper money). Typically, currency refers to money that is legally designated as such by the governing body, but in some cultures, currency can refer to any object that has a perceived value and can be exchanged for other objects.

Yes, when we speak of currency, we normally refer to dollars and cents. We need to broaden that terminology to include those 'any forms' referred to in the definition that can be perceived or considered as currency, and one of those forms is content.

I am sure you may be wondering how something like words or text could be considered as currency? The simple truth is that every blog, article, video blog, video, audio or video transcript, comment, feedback or any such derivative can be negotiated and bartered. A recent webinar I attended revealed that an estimated three billion more people will be online by the year 2020! So, do you still think content is not considered currency? Here's my take on it.

Having content in any form and published especially on the Internet is worth a lot. It may not be in monetary terms all the time, but it is worth money in the end.

mutual benefit

When doing a Virtual Blog Tour, you need hosts that will feature your blogs and/or articles or other media. Negotiating with someone to host you on your tour takes time and effort, for they are not going to give you something for nothing. Placing your content on their website means traffic back to you, and traffic back to you means money in your pocket, building your list, or increased visibility, or all of the above.

Why should comments or feedback be considered currency? Simple. Comments and feedback are your way of knowing what others think and want, and when you know this, it is money in your pocket because you can then go out and create those products or services that people need and not what you think they need.

There are some websites that generate a lot of traffic and are on the first page of a Google, Bing or MSN search. It is because of good content that they are there. Everyone wants to be associated with those people because their traffic means your traffic, or at least a percentage of that traffic. The point is that you will be leveraging off someone who has high ratings for your own benefit and, again, do you think someone like that will just give you the time of day? No, it takes negotiation in just the same way we treat money. Even if it is your best friend, they need to make sure that after all the time they spent to bring their website to the point of No 1 on Google or in the top 10, that you don't bring content that will deflate the perceived value that they offer.

There are persons out there selling space on their blog because they get a lot of traffic to their site and are being noticed by others who want to share that space. Requests, therefore, come in to place content and a link which is redirected back to their site and a small fee is charged. Now, if you decide to do this, you have to be careful, since Google does not particularly like this and you can't go about charging a pound and a crown to each person who comes to you, so be warned!

Content is also currency when you write your own articles in a printed publication like newspapers or magazines. Yes, you may be compensated for it by the media house, but you can also take that content and repurpose it into an ebook, webinar, worksheets or any other form and earn multiple streams of revenue from doing it once. The same applies to any other type of media, including video and audio. Transcribe into a Word document and you can be as creative as you desire in repurposing and increasing your income stream.

If you are a good writer and you want to have your own blog or contribute content to other sites, there are many opportunities out there. A search online will reveal many options. For those who may not be good writers but want content for their site, you will need to also do a search online and research who has blogs that fit your target audience. Approach the owner and determine if they would be willing to provide you with content and offer them a link back to their site. Worst case, you may just have to hire a copywriter or even a student who loves to write and do research who you can compensate at a reasonable cost. It is definitely a win-win situation.

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