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The politics of bickering

Published:Saturday | February 16, 2013 | 12:00 AM


Even though we apparently are on the cusp of an IMF deal, we're still pretty doomed until further notice. Can't our politicians, particularly those in Opposition, stop the bickering and start actually making gainful suggestions?

politicians supposedly have our best interests at heart, but you wonder
how the country got to where it is if that's the case. It's like both
sides are two five-year-old kids, and the country is a toy; it's as if
they just take turns cursing the other about how the toy is being used!
I'm sick of it!

Finance Minister Dr Peter Phillips came out with
the message pleading with Jamaicans to be realistic and understand why
the Government had to take the measures it did with the new tax package.

opposition leader reacted to the new tax package by saying a government
led by him would have acted differently, with former Youth and Culture
Minister Olivia 'Babsy' Grange rounding out the Opposition's cry of
despair by calling tax package No. 2 "poison".

I have two contentions with the Opposition's behaviour.

Why must the Opposition always be so reactive? By this, I am referring
to whichever party is in opposition at the time; it goes across the
board. How about a proactive approach? They already know what needs to
be done in most instances; why not give suggestions beforehand instead
of coming with the "when we were in government" and "we would not have
done so and so and so ..."?

TWO: I'm tired of the Opposition just
declaring anything it doesn't agree with as rubbish, or just saying it
won't work. 'What would you do if you were still in Government?' is the
question it needs to answer and outline to the Jamaican people, but most
times they tend to look back on what they already did while in

This kind of governance cannot work. It will never work. We will always be in the same kind of mess with this kind of approach.

I saying the Opposition (whether JLP or PNP) ALWAYS complains and NEVER
suggests anything? Of course not. They both have their positive
moments. But they are too far and few between the constant bickering,
bawling and fingerpointing.