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Being extraordinary

Published:Monday | March 11, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Kerri-Ann Mitchell, with her radiant smile. - photo by Ian Allen

Krysta Anderson, Gleaner Writer

Small in stature, Kerri-Ann Mitchell packs a mighty punch, with more than 500 team members under her command. What she commands is the face one of the largest telecommunications company in Jamaica presents to its customers.

Behind the scenes, Mitchell and her dedicated care team work assiduously to ensure that the needs of every complaining customer is met and that, ultimately, they are satisfied.

The customer care director of Digicel Jamaica, Mitchell told Flair that her journey in the communication industry happened quite by chance. For her, it was just a matter of being at the right place at the right time, "I studied tourism and hospitality management and got my degree. I then began working within my field at the Courtleigh Hotel, when I was approached by the first CEO of Digicel to attend an interview. He was so impressed that he hired me as the project analyst in the operations department in 2000, and the rest is history."

A history that included Mitchell working in almost every aspect of the company. She has been quality assurance training executive, quality assurance training manager, business process improvement manager, customer care director of Digicel Honduras and local number portability director of Digicel Panama, before her current post here in Jamaica.

When she was to be posted in Honduras, like a real trooper, she packed her bag and headed off to take on the challenge. A challenge it would be, as she didn't speak Spanish. She told Flair that she embraced the move, as she was accustomed to this way of life, working in the field of hospitality. She also loves to travel and took pleasure in exposing herself to a different culture on a longer basis. She told Flair that she saw in the assignment the trust the company placed in her, and that spurred her on.

The language difference, however, proved to be difficult at first. However, she immersed herself into learning the language and seeking refuge in her team members who eased her into the language barrier - speaking Spanish to her, while she spoke to them in English. Always active, she had a fun experience, bringing her love for sports to the foreign country, starting a female football team. She now calls Honduras her second home.

No experience

When she was again promoted to local number portability director in Panama, she told Flair she had no experience in portability. "The company entrusted me with this project and I received the necessary training to get the job done. Portability affected all aspects of the business, so my role in this post was quite cross-functional; I had to ensure that portability was ready for business and that it was successfully executed."

Returning to her homeland, Jamaica, a new woman budding with international work experience, she took on her current role. She told Flair that she is able to be effective only because she has a very supportive team that goes the extra mile in its approach to customer care, executing the job promptly and efficiently. She relishes the challenges of the job, telling Flair that no two days are the same and that she sees each call as a new opportunity to get things right, and it gives her a level of satisfaction to positively change a caller's negative perception of the service and the company.

She told Flair that she enjoys learning new things, accepting new challenges and overcoming them, stressing that when she reaches a plateau, she seeks another challenge to take on, "Digicel afforded me the opportunity to develop and grow in new locations. The company recognises grooming projects and I appreciated being so actively involved. Because the business entity itself has grown significantly to become a leading company locally, regionally and internationally, that has aided tremendously in my professional growth and I am honoured to have grown with the company in this regard."

A dancer and netballer, she sports a radiant smile, warm personality and contagious enthusiasm, as she continues to inspire, and excel with flair, in the field of customer care.