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From a spark to a Raging Fyah

Published:Sunday | March 31, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Raging Fyah - Contributed

'The international audience sees reggae music as a spiritual experience,
so they look forward to the Jamaicans who are bringing that vital part
of their culture to share with them'

Jordane Delahaye, Gleaner Writer

"In 2006, we were a backing band, and we used to rehearse with various artistes at a studio in Standpipe, and the owner's name was Raging. So people around the community associated us with the owner and called us 'Raging' band. However, after a concert in Half-Way Tree, a gentleman said our sound was not just Raging, it was a 'Raging Fyah' and that's how the band got its name, " according to Demar Gayle, Raging Fyah's keyboard player and musical director.

Raging Fyah is one of those remarkably talented bands that make you wonder how anybody could not love reggae music.

Like many emerging reggae acts, however, the band has been an underground sensation but has not fully made it mainstream on the local scene.

Having released its debut album, Judgement Day, in 2011, the band recently embarked on its second European tour on the heels of the release of its two new singles.

International Appeal

"On this tour we will be going to Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, France and Switzerland. Our culture on a whole, not just reggae music, is appreciated more internationally. What we find is that the international audience sees reggae music as a spiritual experience, so they look forward to the Jamaicans who are bringing that vital part of their culture to share with them," Gayle revealed in an interview with The Sunday Gleaner.

The two new singles, Dread and Nah Look Back, were produced by Rory Gilligan and Raging Fyah Productions earlier this year.

"Rory had expressed his interest in producing some tracks for us, so we went to the studio and just came up with these songs," Gayle said about the singles that are both available on iTunes, adding that the music video for Naah Look Back was recently released on YouTube.

Nah Look Back is an uplifting ballad about overcoming mental oppression to find inner freedom. The song has a classic body-swaying, head-rocking reggae vibe with a contemporary feel.

Kumar Bent, the band's lead singer, has a powerful instrument with his voice and possesses the rare ability to make anything sound soulful and passionate.

There is no doubt his voice was made for reggae music and when combined with the rest of the talented band members, we get the awe-inspiring sound that is Raging Fyah.

According to Gayle, the band is always creating new music and fans should expect a next album very soon.


"The process of producing Judgement Day album was a spiritual journey for us. It took a lot of sacrifice as well as faith to execute an album of that nature. It was the reception of the people who saw us performing live that gave us the confidence," Gayle recalled about the band's first compilation.

The band's spirituality is evident in its music and the exuberant passion with which the members deliver each song.

This spirituality is also active behind the scenes as praying is included in the band's preshow ritual.

The band recently performed at the Behind the Screen series and the performance was nothing short of phenomenal.

Bent led the group through an intimate set which had the audience fully engaged and bursting with enthusiasm.

From a spark to a fire aptly describes Raging Fyah's growth and journey in the music industry.

The band has come a far way but if the calibre of its music is any indication, then Raging Fyah still has a far way to go in terms of success.

"We started out by just performing for our friends in a little bedroom, then moved on to hosting our show at Wickie Wackie beach with an audience of five and watched it grow to 700 people over time. Now touring and watching the reception of the people, we believe that there are no limits to what we can do," Gayle declared.