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Spring fashion's Wonderland

Published:Monday | April 8, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Even though she wasn't invited to the tea party, Denyque dons some of her finest royal garb in this on-trend Skater Skirt in a matte black fabric (with a universally flattering silhouette as it cinches the waist at the smallest part of the body and then does not add bulk with pleats), worn with beaded red bodycon top. A vintage necklace was doubled as a hair accessory to bring out the fierce persona.
Always the consummate gent, Chris channels the strong yet dark appeal of the Mad Hatter in a double-breasted pinstriped suit with a black and white striped tie to tie it all together giving it that added fashion flavour.
Before setting off for the unknown in the forest, Gabby is channeling a nore fun, relaxed, island vibe, chic look in this blue and white tie-dye maxi dress with side tie which minimises the waist, worn with a delicate layered gold necklace.
The strong and daunting queen shows her lighter side, in a sheer maxi pleated high-low skirt and ivory sheer top worn with a black belt with gold chain details and straw hat to give that Jamaican island vibe.
Gabby channels Alice looking like an ethereal goddess in this lace min green Grecian gown for a more formal look.
Gabby channels a delicate air of innocence in this microprint floral high-low sheer dress with a skinny gold belt and long delicate jewellery as she tries to find her way through the forest of cards.
Stepping away from her high- fashion gowns, the evil queen shows her style game in these bold leggings in a harlequin design by pairing them with a sheer black top with leather detail for an eclectic fusion of classic mixed with contemporary. The statement red shoes are a vibrant contrast that balances the bold print.
Metallic skirt in a gold jacquard fabric is a fashion-forward alternative to sequins, and tempered with black mock neck top and statement jewellery, Denyque manages to embody the darkness of the queen, marrying the entire look together with flamboyance with elegance by donning a pair of boots.
The overly charming Mad Hatter, even when mad, continues to exude a stately flair in this magenta blazer paired with a black and white gingham dress shirt and complementary top hat. The air of the Mad Hatter all ties together with his signature dark eccentricities that even the dark queen can't resist.

Garfene Grandison, Assistant Lifestyle Coordinator

We could think of no better way to showcase a few fashion trends that work well in Jamaica for spring than with an extraordinary trip down the rabbit hole into the land of merry unbirthdays and late-running rabbits. Using the the world-famous fairy tale of Alice in Wonderland, the Flair Magazine decided to discover the world of the unknown using the picturesque Hope Gardens as ground zero.

The general idea was a bit sketchy at first but if Vogue could do it, so could Flair, and our inspiration started right there.

Trying to shy away from eccentric over-the-top fashion, we decided to call upon the expertise of noted stylist and fashion blogger Natalia Oh!. To source a few of the season's trendiest pieces, our journey took us to Flirt Boutique and Spokes Apparel. We wanted to stay true to our Alice in Wonderland theme, making it dramatic and edgy, but wanted to keep the fashion realistic with pieces that could be worn throughout the season and beyond. But Alice's adventure involved a number of eccentric individuals and interesting animals. Naturally, we had to choose the most eccentric individuals that would be perfect for our fashion fairy tale. We regrettably narrowed the casting to the three main characters - the Queen of Hearts, the 'Mad Hatter'; Alice, of course, and the bunny - after all, a bunny with a pocket watch isn't an everyday occurrence. The casting wasn't easy. We needed models who could embody the innocence and maturity of Alice, the eccentricities of the Mad Hatter and the cold and calculating emotions of the evil queen.

Alice's story ...

One sunny day, Alice and her sister were sitting under a tree. Alice is getting bored when she sees a white rabbit and decides to follow him down a rabbit hole. When she arrives at the bottom of a very long rabbit hole, is when her adventure begins.

One drink and she changes size. She meets animals who can talk and she joins in a strange race with them where everyone is a winner. Then there is a rather rude caterpillar who teaches Alice to control her size, and a smiling cat that can disappear when it wants to. As Alice continues to explore this strange world, she meets a duchess with a baby that changes into a pig, and she takes part in a very strange tea party. Finally, she meets the King and Queen of Hearts. The Queen is a strange woman, who always wants to cut off the head of the animals and people around her. The Knave of Hearts has to stand trial for stealing some tarts, and when Alice is told to leave the trial room because she is getting too big, she refuses. She begins to fight the cards. But suddenly she wakes up. It was all a dream after all.

'Now, I give you fair warning, either you or your head must be off, and that in about half no time! Take your choice!

It's been said "When entering a room, always look for the man dressed in a well-tailored suit, for a man in a well-tailored suit is always in charge."

Men have grown tired of dressing down. There are men who appreciate the finer things in life, men who define luxury, setting a new standard and definition of what it means to dress the part, and dress well. The attention to detail in a tailored suit is what's key.

Trends: Flirty florals, electric blue, white shoes, mint green

Trends: Baroque: emphasis on texture, lace, velvet, brocade, damask in dark reds, burgundy, black or gold, wine-red lips, dark nail polish.

Trends: Double-breasted Suits; Tuxedo Blazer; Mixed Prints
(gingham and paisley) and Textures (tweeds and leather); Cropped length