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What a 'fun-raiser'!

Published:Sunday | May 26, 2013 | 12:00 AM
From left: Jennifer Lim, Edward Seaga and hotess Michelle Bovell
Attorney-at-law from DunnCox John Leiba with the lovely Peta-Rose Hall.
Cecelia Levy (left) and husband, Ian, show some love to Paula Kerr-Jarrett.-Photos by Colin Hamilton/Freelance Photographer
A lady who knows how to say thank you in a big way - Paula Kerr-Jarrett
St Aubyn Samuels and his wife, Pat.

Chester Francis-Jackson, Contributor

In a society where the norm is a prevailing sense of entitlement that spans all the social classes, it is quite easy to forget to say thank you to those who have stretched forth a hand to help you along life's path.

It would seem that the new normal is to absorb without acknowledgement the kindness and support of friends and family in our daily quest for survival. It would appear that the society now pays scant regard to acknowledging or celebrating those who stop to share our cares and burdens, as all too often friends take each other for granted.

But not Paula Kerr-Jarrett. This fabulous young woman, a scion of and heiress to a legacy of public service - being the daughter of legal luminary Christopher Bovell and socialite extraordinaire Michelle and wife of Montego Bay powerhouse Mark Kerr-Jarrett. So one can indeed understand those who long for yesteryear, when this was a much kinder and gentler society!

About 18 months ago, the young attorney-at-law answered the call to continue in the family tradition of public service by entering representational politics on the JLP ticket.

Kerr-Jarrett, a political neophyte, was going up against one of the better known political gladiators of his time - D.K. Duncan. For many, this painted a picture of a daunting task that had many saying, 'she caan crass it'.

Guided by her vision and beliefs, however, she was determined not to be a bystander whose contribution to the political process was fruitless 'verandah-talk'. Determined to engineer change from within the political establishment, she cast her hat in the political ring.

Well, that political campaign and the results are now contemporary history. But Kerr-Jarrett, however, has not yet hung up her political gloves. And so, with the campaign season out of the way, the political aspirant, lawyer, and talk-show host decided to do what very few in the political sphere do. She threw a reception to say thanks to her family and friends for their support of her candidacy in the last general election. And dears, how!

Luvs, hosted at the swanky upper St Andrew home of her parents last Friday evening, the garden affair was all that and then some. It was a gathering of leading socialites, the powerful and, of course, leading politicos from within the JLP. My dears, it made for a simply fabulous outing!

We are talking a gathering of the ruling and social elite here, as fab society was out in celebratory numbers. Not to attend yet another 'fund-raiser', but this time (being advised to leave their pocket and cheque books at home), this was indeed a 'fun-raiser' - thrown in their honour. Dears, it made for a simply fabulously relaxed do and then some!

With the stress of the economy on everyone's minds, there was no escaping the novelty of attending such a do. My dears, Paula Kerr-Jarrett might have been a political neophyte the last time around, but she is most certainly not a social greenhorn. So this was a celebration of the regal order, and flawlessly so.

To begin with, her parents' residence, nestled in the preferred Jacks Hill neighbourhood, was designed with fabulous living and entertaining in mind. It was in a garden setting, highlighted by a garden of orchids in full and fabulous spate, the lights of Kingston flickering below, that guests gathered and were treated to a charming reception that had all the ingredients for a smasheroni - fab society - a marvellous fare, and snapping music. And my dears, all these ingredients and more were at play and it made for a fun night and then some!

With guests gathered in the garden under mango trees, a battery of waiters saw to it that libations flowed. London-based, Jamaica-born, internationally acclaimed chef Collin Brown was charged with the culinary task. And luvs, this he did, with the genius befitting one who has taken Jamaican traditional food - ground provisions and all, and transplanted it to the leading cities in Europe, where it is now celebrated as the new 'It' menu!

Luvs, we are talking yam orbs, topped with a suggestion of mackerel rundung here, tasting as fab as it looked. Just one example of traditional Jamaican food, now being given the frou-frou treatment and faultlessly so.

Then there was the music by New York-based Jamaica-born disc jock - DJ Monk. He kept threatening to have the gathering of socialites, tycoons and tycoons in the making, movers and shakers, break out in contemporary dance moves!

Oh my word, what a night!

In a word - fabulous!

Among those out were Edward and Carla Seaga; Andrew Holness; Delroy Chuck and his wife Pat; Ed Bartlett; James Robertson, his wife Charlene and their daughters Mina and Ava. Dr Christopher Tufton, his fabulous wife Neadene; Bobby Montaque; German Ambassador Josef Beck and his wife Gudrun, Ambassador Arthur Thompson and wife Eleanor and Ambassador Courtney Rattray. Also out was the distinguished Professor Hugh Wynter and wife Dory; Joe Matalon; the elegant Susan Alexander; Charles Hanna, looking quite dandy; Jojo Paige and her daughter the lovely Diana Stewart; Joy Mahfood; Lorna Myers; Jennifer Lim; Herman McLarty and wife Dorothy Pine-McLarty; the charming Rosie McIver; Bruce Hart; Captain Michael Lyn and wife Thalia; Janette Stewart; Norman Wright QC and wife Jean; Gordon Tewani and daughter Shalane Vaswani; Ian and Cecelia Levy; Anthony and Jeanne Watson and their son James; Russell Hadeed; Deepak and Venal Vaswani; Bruce Hart; Chris Berry and wife Dr Pat Berry; Ashman Samuels and his fab wife Pat; Tarun Handa; Mark and Julie Jones; the lovely Stephanie Scott; Gordon and Faye Hutchinson; Chris and Sally Levy; the fab Terry Shoucair and her lovely daughter Tara; Michael McMorris; Andrea Bickhoff-Benjamin; Richard and Terry Groves; Barry and Charmaine Byrne and son Nicholas; beauties Jackie and Marcia Nielsen; the dapper Gerry Wight; Delano Seiveright; Nicholas and Kaili Scott; Bianca Bovell; Kimani and Kerri Robinson, she as stunning as ever; Luke Issa and Gillian Levy; Adrien Lemaire and the fabulous Danielle Croskill, and Andres Cope; plus a number of others.