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Reve stands out at lukewarm Fashion Block - Iela's accessories strong, Neah Lis' class evident

Published:Tuesday | May 28, 2013 | 12:00 AM
A model struts her stuff in swimwear by Debra Lee Jarrett.
Cesar Galindo set the night sparkling with sequins.
Shades of Africa kept the connection with the continent.
Swimwear by Nish.
This female model proved an excellent canvas for body painting by Eon & Robby.
Fierce body painting for the assertive male by Eon & Robby.
Balla Shawn had the men all decked out to impress.
Womenswear by Reve came with a dress of cards at Saint International's Style Week Fashion Block, held at Knutsford Boulevard, New Kingston, on Sunday night. - photos by Winston Sill/Freelance Photographer

Sadeke Brooks, Staff Reporter

With more than a dozen collections shown at Saint International's Fashion Block on Sunday night in New Kingston, Reve was one of the few which stuck to the theme and gave a cohesive show.

Most of the usually busy Knutsford Boulevard was closed to accommodate what was expected to be an exciting fashion event. However, until Reve took the stage, most of the designs seemed average. Although known for its jewellery line, Reve put on an impressive show with designs made from playing cards. There were dresses and tops made of the deck's royalty and all four suits.

Whereas the aim was to show off women's wear, Reve also paired outfits with statement necklaces and earrings.

Prior to Reve, the final collection for the night, the event started an hour later than the scheduled 9 p.m. Host Jerry D, in grey shorts and a pink shirt, strutted to Sexy And I Know It before introducing T&T Fashion. The collection had quite a bit of colour blocking, with some vibrant colours in mostly ready-to-wear dresses.

There was also swimwear from Debra Lee Jarrett, who utilised lace, mesh, metallics, embellishments and bright colours.

Strong statement

Meanwhile, accessories from Iela stood out. Leather bags, necklaces, earrings and handpieces made a strong statement.

Allan Virgo started out with structured plaid-like pieces, then moved on to ruffles. Cesar Galindo, however, made more of a statement with couture pieces. There were lots of shimmer, sequins and metallics. One of the standout pieces was a teal and silver sequin jumpsuit.

There were men and women's wear from Shades Of Africa, which highlighted bright prints and there were also chic pieces from Nish's swimwear collection.

Amid the show, Jerry D kept the the audience entertained with his chatter and jokes. The audience laughed non-stop when he invited two Japanese men on stage to model and pose.

Later, there was uproar and some level of amazement during another segment when Jerry D again interacted with the crowd. This time, two cross-dressing men took the stage when the host asked persons to compete in a modelling competition.

As the show continued, new designer Kurt Campbell's neon green first piece added a burst of colour to the show. There were outfits for men and women, and the designer also included bright colours and mesh. Towards the end of his collection, men strutted in belted white shirts, accompanied by goggles.

Established designer Neah Lis showed class in her designs. While simple, most of the dresses hugged the bodies of the models and the designer showcased mostly long dresses in prints and solids.

Eon & Robby showed off body painting in their futuristic Free Spirit collection, while Kaydian Nicely was rather trendy. Black and white were prominent in the collection.

The penultimate collection came from Balla Shawn. The bassline to Mavado's Every Gal gave some punch to the show as the men walked down the runway.

After a night with very few standout pieces, upcoming singer Berry got an extensive introduction from Saint International CEO, Deiwght Peters, who said she has one of the best voices he had heard in Jamaica in some time.

She kicked off her set with an a cappella version of Redemption Song before He Gives Me Love and Beautiful.