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Well done, Floyd Morris

Published:Saturday | June 22, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Senator Floyd Morris (centre) is playfully dragged to the president's chair by senators K.D Knight (right) and Navel Clarke in Gordon House recently, after Morris was elected president of the Senate. his has been pulled in the house of parliament in Kingston yesterday by Senator ) and senator . Morris was appointed as President of the Senate. -Norman Grindley/Chief Photographer


The Jamaica Council for Persons with Disabilities (JCPD) is proud to celebrate with Senator Floyd Emerson Morris on his recent election as president of the Jamaican Senate.

To the JCPD, this appointment is a significant milestone in the nation's history as we strive to ensure an inclusive society for all. Over the years, Jamaica has led the English-speaking Caribbean on disability issues and highlighting the positive aspects of persons with disabilities. The promotion of Senator Floyd Morris, therefore, marks significant growth and development of a nation on a mission.

The council views Senator Morris as an ordinary Jamaican of humble origin who strives for excellence, despite his disability. He has proven that persons with disabilities can, indeed, make valuable contribution to a society which provides opportunities for all citizens. Other persons with disabilities have paved the way, but Senator Morris has gone beyond these boundaries to become a role model and a symbol to the fact that a disability in no way equates to inability!

The JCPD also offers commendations to the other senators ? and, by extension, the Government ? who, by their action, have expressed confidence in Senator Morris' ability. The council does not view this appointment as mere tokenism or a handout, as Senator Morris is well qualified for the position.

Place of choice

We anticipate VISION 2030 becoming a reality as Jamaica is transformed into the place of choice for all to "live, work, raise families and do business". As the international community works to ensure that societies become more inclusive, Jamaica - through this recent move - firmly stands in line.

Senator, the JCPD encourages you to continue to step forward on behalf of persons with disabilities to prove that nothing is impossible when one puts heart and mind in it.

You continue to show that persons with disabilities are individuals who happen to have a disability; persons of value and worth who can become anything they set their minds to be. You stand as the first person with a disability in Jamaica to become a senator, minister of state (Ministry of Labour and Social Security), and now president of the Senate.

Senator, you stood on behalf of Jamaica in 2007 and enabled the country to become the first in the world to sign and ratify the United Nations (UN) Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Across the globe, you have been an outspoken ambassador, speaking on behalf of persons considered as 'handicaps' in society.

We hail you as the first recipient of the Inaugural Disability Friendly Award in November 2012 receiving the Award for Excellence in Disability Reform.

No one can take these achievements from you, and the JCPD continues to be proud of you. The council will work zealously with you to ensure that the disability agenda becomes an integral part of the country's development agenda. After all, no country in the world can truly develop without including all its citizens - and that includes persons with disabilities.

Senator Morris, your mantra has been 'to whom much is given, much is expected', and so we pray for strength and God's guiding wisdom as you lead the Honourable Senate and its members in decision making of national importance.

We know you will give your best and you will do well. Rest assured that the JCPD and the community of persons with disabilities stand with ? and behind ? you all the way. Congratulations, Senator Morris, and God's richest blessing to you.

Christine Hendricks

Executive Director

Jamaica Council for Persons with Disabilities