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DEMOLISHED! Millsborough house torn down after rowdy squatters evicted

Published:Friday | July 5, 2013 | 12:00 AM
The house on Millsborough Avenue in St Andrew, from which a group of homosexual men was removed on Wednesday, was demolished yesterday. - Norman Grindley/Chief Photographer

 Gary Spaulding, Senior Gleaner Writer

Residents of Millsborough, St Andrew, yesterday openly welcomed the arrival of a large demolition crew that swooped down on a once-lavish four-bedroom structure, complemented by swimming pool, helpers' quarters and pool house - all in disarray. Until early yesterday, it served as a haven for a clan of rowdy, homosexual squatters.

Neighbours claimed the structure, which once reflected the trappings of wealth, had been transformed into a "public whorehouse".

Passers-by, feasting their eyes on the demolition work being carried out, were quick to stress that they were not "gay bashers".

They stressed, however, that they were overwhelmed by rampant acts of criminality, unhygienic lifestyle and brazen acts of indecency that had been foisted on them.

"It is long overdue and it does not matter which area it is happening," declared a woman, who parked her high-end vehicle to witness the promised demolition. She complained that law-abiding citizens were being made to feel as if they were in the wrong to demand decency in the lifestyles flaunted in their neighbourhood.

Members of the demolition crew used a welding torch to rip away metal grilles from the once-abandoned house located adjacent to the Cuban Embassy in the upscale community.


Clearly relieved, a neighbour characterised the young men as criminals, nuisances and prostitutes, who defiantly paraded themselves naked or half-naked in the community.

"It is not about their sexual preferences, colour or social status, but it's about decency," asserted the passer-by, who stopped to speak with The Gleaner. She complained that they stole water, light and anything they got their hands on.

"It is not about bashing of gays, but if it were 30 men and women flaunting their bodies so disgracefully in public and turning the place into a public whorehouse, it would not have been allowed. They would have been locked up a long time ago," she argued.

After they were turned out of the complex late Wednesday, the men reportedly returned later that night, sneaking in for one final time before the demolition team arrived.

The workmen told The Gleaner that the men, who numbered about a dozen, were seen leaving the premises early yesterday when they arrived to carry out the demolition exercise.

"They came back last night. About 12 of them went down the road," said Courtney Hanson, assistant project manager of ASI Developers Ltd, which had been assigned to carry out the demolition work.

Hanson told The Gleaner that the men were given notice two months ago to vacate the area after the owner received complaints from Jamaica House.

"They were notified two months ago, as we have been instructed by the owner to construct apartment complexes on the property."