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Shuga goes soul searching - Leaves the bedroom for culture

Published:Sunday | September 1, 2013 | 12:00 AM

Hasani Walters, Gleaner Writer

Shuga's Bedroom Punisher and 9.58 request for a man with the fitness and the thickness, who can "come put it pon mi tonight", have been replaced with soul-searching efforts as the entertainer moves towards being more conscious.

Her latest release, Give My Soul to Jah, "a culture song about remembering the roots", is where the transition is most noted. She has done a music video for the song.

Shuga stepped out of the bedroom on to the veranda, saw what was happening around her, and decided she would take this route.

Conscious Image

Of her decision to present a more conscious image and message, the entertainer said, "Because a whole heap a real things a gwaan inna di world. People want to know that somebody else going through it as well and they're not alone. Mi deh yah for you and wi deh yah together in it."

"I'm a country girl. I grew up on principle ... on the Scriptures. The soul is one of the most important things," she explains.

She's working with VP and Penthouse Records (which she is currently signed to) to package her new brand.

Persons were accepting of Bedroom Punisher and 9.58 particularly because of its 'long performer' requests. With this change, Shuga is hoping for a similar response. It seems to be working thus far. She recently performed at a show in St Mary, to good reviews.

"It's positive. We've been getting positive feedback so far. They're accepting it. After all, people can relate to it. Nuhbody nuh want to lose them soul to vanity. I didn't really think about it like that. I've been in the bedroom for a while now with 9.58, but when mi step out on to the veranda, mi see wah gwaan inna di world," she said.

Making music that can last (longer than 9.58 of course) is one of her aims from this change.