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Natural blogs and vlogs

Published:Monday | September 2, 2013 | 12:00 AM

Curly-Centric Jamaica, Contributor

If you recently became a 'naturalista' and are still learning the natural hair way of life, you should know by now that natural hair blogs/vlogs are your very best friends.

A blog (web log) is a personal website where an individual shares his/her thoughts and experiences through written entries. A vlog (video log) is similar to a blog with the use of videos - sharing thoughts or demonstrations. Many believe that blogs/vlogs are a large part of the reason why it has become easier for so many to keep their natural hair, as information can be shared easily with naturalistas all across the world.

Bloggers are very important to naturalistas, especially as it relates to styling and product reviews. Their styling ideas and demos are also usually easy to follow. A good idea is to follow at least one blogger with a hair type similar to yours, as this will provide realistic expectations and ideas. Learning how to style and care for your hair will certainly save you a few dollars at the salon and give you a sense of accomplishment and empowerment.

Reviews from bloggers with a similar hair type to yours will also give you insight into how your hair may respond to a particular product or treatment. Here are a few informative one (one from a Jamaican living overseas) which will provide useful information and well-needed inspiration on your natural journey.

The Irie Diva Blog is by naturalista Monique 'Irie Diva' Solomon. The blog has her thoughts on numerous treatment recipes, hair products, and salons she has visited. The blog also has event reviews, interesting tidbits on general Jamaican life from her perspective. Solomon is also a mother and fashionista, interested in wellness and health. She recently lost 60lb and adopted a healthier lifestyle and seeks to encourage and inspire others to do the same by sharing her journey. Overall, this blog will give you a bit of: natural hair, fashion and health and wellness.

This blog is by Asherah Corbin, a Bajan medical doctor living in Jamaica. Corbin chronicles her natural-hair journey, sharing her experience. This blog is great for styling inspiration as Asherah always experiments with creative ways to rock natural hairstyles and usually coordinates her hairstyle with flawless make-up to create a complete look.

This blog was created by Melissa Anderson, who is a Jamaican living in Canada. This blog is great for Jamaicans living in Canada or oversees, as it provides insight on where to purchase products and how to care for natural hair during the winter.

By Diedre Callam, this blog is very interesting, as Callam is known for frequently changing the way she wears her hair.

Within a year, her hair has changed from locked to loose natural hair to relaxed and she is currently transitioning back to natural hair! It is certainly safe to say that this blog will have information on most hair types and a little something for almost everyone. This blog also provides product reviews, styling tips (for locked, loose natural hair and relaxed hair), event reviews and more.

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