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LETTER OF THE DAY - Keep bedroom antics to yourself

Published:Wednesday | October 30, 2013 | 12:00 AM


Despite the increasing popularity of community surveillance cameras, not even a well-oiled police state can effectively guard against sex acts, except those that happen in public or that are made public.

So unless my house is bugged with cameras, etc, no one can know what I do or don't do sexually with my wife in our house. Consequently, no matter how carefully worded or comprehensive in scope a law banning all sex acts between couples may be, I wouldn't give a rat's derriere because, unless one of us squealed on ourselves, no evidence would be available in a court of law against us.

On the other hand, if either of us is silly or contemptuous enough to tackle the 'no-sex law', in public, we would unwisely call attention to our sex acts, thus forcing us to grin and bear the legal/societal consequences of our folly.

It seems to me, then, that homosexuals who make public their disagreement with Jamaica's anti-buggery law as a violation of their dubious 'right' are needlessly and foolishly attracting attention to their sex lives. Without their public utterances, who would know and who would care what they do sexually?

The issue here in my view is not privacy or age-consensuality, because neither allows anyone to break a law. If you decide to go public about your sex acts, this might approximate a species of idiocy.

There are heterosexual men who have anal sex with their female partners (whether wife or sweetheart) contrary to Jamaica's anti-buggery law, but unless they squeal on themselves, who would know and who would care?

If one dare make his or her views public about any subject, one need to be prepared for the possible consequences, as a matter of principle.