Jamaica, let your voice be heard

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Tessanne Chin poses beside the life-sized signed poster presented to her by Digicel at the Norman Manley International Airport following the official ceremony to welcome her home last Friday evening. - Ricardo Makyn/Staff Photographer
Tessanne Chin poses beside the life-sized signed poster presented to her by Digicel at the Norman Manley International Airport following the official ceremony to welcome her home last Friday evening. - Ricardo Makyn/Staff Photographer

Steve Lyston, Contributor

The recent NBC competition, 'The Voice', and the major victory for Jamaican singer Tessanne Chin, has sent a loud and clear message regarding the talents and abilities of our people. It is something I have said and promoted in numerous articles, including the articles 'Too rich to be poor' (March 18, 2013) and 'Let's invest in our own' (March 25, 2013).

I have said it before and I will continue to say it, bringing foreigners into the country to drain its resources is not what will turn Jamaica around, neither will following the blueprints of other nations make it happen. To turn the economy around, it will take the actions and efforts of the local people and small businesses with the resources of the nation. We need to believe in our people and invest more than we are now. We need to empower them.

What is very saddening is the fact that people only jump on the bandwagon when they see momentum building, but they were not willing to take the leap of faith and believe in the people when they were 'invisible' to the world!

Usain Bolt, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, Bob Marley and Jimmy Cliff, for example, have brought our nation to the world. Wherever you go worldwide, there is always an outstanding Jamaican, and they all have the same thing to say: "If the politics could just change, I would go home."

When Jamaicans unite for a positive cause, great things are accomplished, and if all Jamaicans would unite to bring change through prayer, fasting and letting their united voice be heard, then we would see a Jamaica that is for Jamaicans, by Jamaicans!

The Bible tells us that when righteous men keep silent, chaos, lawlessness and corruption prevails. If the late Sir Nelson Mandela's voice was not heard, particularly through the unity of the people, would there have been a changed South Africa at all? Some of the very ones who were against him had to eventually honour him! He was like a modern-day Joseph!

What about the national heroes of Jamaica, would their voices have been heard and would there have been change if they did not unite for the positive cause?

Stop Dividing Our People

Jamaica, that was once the cream of the Caribbean, is now being locked out by nations that were far behind them. Furthermore, our people were being directed and taught to be divided against each other, but the time has come for that stronghold to be broken and that division must be replaced with unity.

Jamaica, we must be truthful - not biased. Pointing fingers at each other simply because we are of a different party needs to stop. Declaring negative words against the opposing party, and throwing a tantrum when it is returned to you and/or your party, is nonsensical.

We need to stop saying that our people are unskilled and unqualified. That is not true! We need to take the politics out of the employment prerequisites. We need to stop passing laws because people say we are to pass them, while we claim to be a sovereign country. Laws must be passed to strengthen the economy and protect the nation, not to destroy them.

Divesting our assets

We need to stop divesting our assets and stop selling out the shares to foreigners as if Jamaica is incapable of managing its affairs.

More community centres need to be built and the current ones refurbished and maintained in order to bring out more of the hidden talents and gems.

The warehouses and the freezone that were all shut down need to be reopened and made to produce locally again. This is simple economics - we don't need Singapore to teach us that strategy.

There is the need for laws to be put in place to protect our local businesses and business owners, and the justice system needs to be addressed. We need to fix it before we talk about reducing crime. Justice cannot only be for the elite. For that matter, why are we afraid to pass laws regarding term limits or to allow someone with dual citizenship to serve the nation?

Laws that will prevent sexual immorality and abuse against our youth need to be put in place and they must be taught about the implications of sex before marriage.

Laws need to be put in place regarding job descriptions for politicians and also that civil servants and other such individuals can retire and survive in peace with a good pension.

Let your voice be heard, Jamaica!

Merry Christmas!

Apostle Steve Lyston is a Biblical Economics Consultant and Author of several books, including End Time Finance and The New Millionaire


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