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Tessanne wants a Grammy next

Published:Monday | December 23, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Tessanne Chin (left) receives a framed Gleaner front page of the report carrying the day she won 'The Voice' 2013 finals from Terri-Karelle Reid. - Ricardo Makyn/Staff Photographer

Barbara Ellington, Public Affairs Editor

Tessanne Chin, winner of NBC's 'The Voice' arrived at the Norman Manley airport last Friday evening to the warm embrace of friends and family. Telecoms giant Digicel sent its corporate jet to fly her home.

Having realised the first part of her dream of breaking into the international music scene, Chin is on her way to the big times with her first recording, Tumbling Down.

But with not many former 'Voice' winners attaining stardom, The Gleaner asked Chin how she plans to break that tradition. She said that the process takes time. "Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and Jennifer Hudson didn't have an overnight rise to success, it took time. Success is relative, Cassadee Pope just went gold with her album and Daniel Bradbury just recorded the song for the Olympics, so they are doing really well, I believe each person is different and my story will be what I make it," Chin said as she boarded the private jet that brought her home courtesy of Digicel.

reflecting on past events

Reflecting on the events of the past three months, Chin said her her biggest surprise was the overwhelming support from Jamaicans. "I didn't expect it to be so mind-blowing; also the support from the United States and my coach." Chin describes Adam Levine as easy-going, intense and having a deep love for Jamaica. She regards Christina Aguilera as extremely talented, and Cee Lo Green as very poetic and eloquent. But she told The Gleaner, all judges were invested in their charges.

The lowest point of her experience there was immediately after the first eliminations when many of the core group of contestants with whom she had bonded were eliminated. The high point was performing with her idol Celine Dion. "I have dreamed so long of that moment, it was a shock. But Celine made it even more special, she told me it was my moment and it was meant to happen, she was very gracious," Chin said of the artiste she had been studying since she was age 12.

Was there a moment when she thought she had the contest 'in the bag'? Chin said no, because she knows how much Americans love little girls who can sing. "I never felt comfortable, I just did my best every time. She said the easiest song was Underneath it All and the hardest was Bridge Over Troubled Water.

Naturally, the part of the experience she would relive given a chance is singing with Celine. The next five years she hopes to win a Grammy with her own original song.

Meanwhile, Peter Lloyd, marketing director for Digicel, said the company sent its jet for Chin because of the excellent relationship they have had over the years. "We are looking to strengthen our bond going forward. Tessanne was a judge on Digicel Rising Stars, she has done recordings with us for charitable causes, and she has made many Digicel events magical with her extraordinary voice," Lloyd said, adding that Digicel would definitely be standing behind her in the future.