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Operators want more time before retake of routes

Published:Tuesday | April 1, 2014 | 12:00 AM
A minibus painted in the colours of the JUTC.
A minibus painted in the colours of the JUTC.
A JUTC bus.

The Joint Caucus of Transport Operators (JCTO) has indicated it remains unprepared to meet today's Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) deadline for retaking of routes in the Kingston Metropolitan Transit Region.

Only 43 buses of 300 owned by private bus operators have been retrofitted with JUTC colours to meet today's deadline and operators have re-emphasised that they cannot afford the costs.

The JCTO said it was seeking the Government's intervention and asking for more time to adjust.

"Why waste your money to paint the buses and you're not sure you're going to get back a road licence next year?" Bruce Miller, president of the Western Transport Association, asked.

The JCTO has proposed a seven-point request to the Ministry of Transport, the Transport Authority and the JUTC, calling, among other things, for an immediate review of the 'unaffordable' $750,000 franchise fee for Coaster buses to operate in the region.

The JUTC has announced that routes that will revert to the company with the start of the reform sub-franchise system today are numbers 3, 17Express, 19A, 31A, 32 and 42.

Although the reformed sub-franchisee system is effective from April 1, 2014, the franchisees have been given a one-week extension until April 8 to regularise their buses, which includes colour-coding and making payments only on the routes for which they were approved.