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Walshy Fire continues the work

Published:Sunday | May 4, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Walshy Fire (centre), Rihanna (right) and Katy Perry hang out. - Contributed

Curtis Campbell, Gleaner Writer

Major Lazer is enjoying its most successful run in the music industry to date. The group has sold platinum with Busy Signal and has collaborated with a host of international acts, including Snoop Lion, Bruno Mars, Tyga, and 2 Chainz.

In addition to its productions, Major Lazer has produced and headlined its own concerts, pulling thousands of patrons to venues. The group's song Watch Out For This was recently featured on internationally renowned dance competition 'Dancing With The Stars', and according to Major Lazer notable, Walshy Fire, who has some new productions of his own, the work and the success will continue.

The DJ/producer is promoting songs like Come On To Me, featuring Sean Paul, Lose Yourself, featuring RDX, and Aerosol Can, which features Grammy Award-winning producer Pharrell Williams.

"The projects are doing well and are mashing up the place. Pharrell is performing it all over the place and we just shot the video for the Sean Paul single which has already charted some places in Europe," Walshy Fire said.

Major Lazer has dabbled in various genres ranging from dancehall, hip hop, pop, reggae, soca, electronic dance music, and even reggaeton, always seeming to get the authentic elements of each correct.

Walshy Fire explained that Major Lazer approaches production as a lifestyle and not just work.

"With every artiste that we work with, we develop friendships and we par. So because of that we become familiar with the different personalities and that makes it easier to make music that will go well with the artistes," he said.


In 2013, an announcement was made that Major Lazer would play a major role in the production of a Chronixx mixtape. At the time, the reggae artiste was a relatively fresh act with little mainstream attention.

However, Major Lazer has never shied away from working with young acts. The group even produced a single, Bubble Butt, which featured Jamaican dancer Mystic.

Bubble Butt was Mystic's first single and ironically sailed straight to the Billboard charts, a rare accomplishment for dancehall artistes in recent times.

At present Major Lazer has eyes on fresh acts, Deepjahi, Machete, Jesse Royal and Freetown Collective, who they believe will be forces to be reckoned with in the music industry.

"Deepjahi is a good artiste. He is amazing and I definitely want to work with him. He is no different from other artistes that are talented and have a difficulty being heard, and that is what I want to help with," Walshy Fire said, promising to make Deepjahi into a household name.

"With me, when I say I am going to work with an artiste I actually mean it. You can put this article in a bible and a year from now you can look back at it and say Walshy Fire really said this," he said.

Major Lazer has also worked with soca music in recent times, releasing songs featuring Bunji Garlin and Machel Montano.

Walshy Fire admitted that reggae and dancehall genres have excelled way above soca music, but he also feels that the Trinidad-born genre is poised for greatness in coming years.

"The last few years it has been growing and has been pulling fans outside of the Caribbean, because the music is very infectious," he said.

Major Lazer recently remixed the Skelewu dance song originally performed by Davido.

The producer/DJ believes reggae music is in good hands with the new crop of artistes; however; he would not be drawn into predicting a future for dancehall.

According to Walshy Fire, dancehall is unpredictable and could surprise its critics.