Mon | Jul 16, 2018

I'm gay, but I don't prey on kids

Published:Saturday | July 5, 2014 | 12:00 AM


I have been listening to the ongoing debate about the 'gay agenda' and get the impression that the main objection is that children will be open to abuse if the buggery law were repealed. If I am understanding the argument, to be gay is equated with being a paedophile.

I am attracted to men. However, I am not attracted to little boys. Why are we assuming that gay men are attracted to little boys? I think this is an issue that has to be clarified before the 'moral majority' will feel comfortable.

Another thing that is making people uncomfortable is the fact that gay men are not easily identifiable. Gone are the days when they are all effeminate. Nowadays, they sit beside you in the church pew, across from you at lunch, and play with you on the ball field. The sense that you can spot them from afar has eroded. People are just basically scared because what they thought they knew for sure is not so.

This issue is not going away and the moral majority will have to live and let live.