Sun | May 20, 2018

Anus not built for multitasking

Published:Monday | July 14, 2014 | 12:00 AM


There are calls from many quarters for the Government to repeal the laws relating to buggery. What is buggery? Buggery is any act of sodomy by the penetration of the erect male organ into the mouth or anus of another male, a female or a beast. A woman can be guilty of buggery if she lies with a beast. Therefore, this clarifies that homosexuals are not the only group affected by the buggery laws.

Faecal matter, which is body waste, exits the body via the anus. This waste matter consists of bacteria, worms, and other rejected matter. Our wonderfully constructed anus was not for the purpose of perpetual male penetration. Consistent penetration leads to damaged membranes and sphincter muscles and, eventually, faecal incontinence. The anus is not the equivalent of the female sex organ.

I do understand that Lucifer and his attendant angels will try to possess anyone that is open to war against the Creator's master plan for man, which is procreation, as a means to replenish the earth. He is having fun turning our wonderful men and women from the Creator's pathway.


Black River, St Elizabeth